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  1. mastura

    check port 43

    awesome.. thanks for the reply..
  2. mastura

    check port 43

    Hello.. May I know which domain registrar supports .my ccTLD in WHMCS? I am getting this error: " There was a problem connecting to the domain registry. Please check port 43 is open in your servers firewall."
  3. I have no idea why I am getting Failed to connect to port 2087: Connection timed out (Code 7) - Check IP/Blocked Firewall Ports. I have read a community saying i have to unblock port 2087. How can I know to unblock the port in detail?
  4. mastura

    Error 101

    so, should I signup for enom to enable .my tld? does enom costs money?
  5. mastura

    Error 101

    Hello everyone.. Need some explanation here on the error:110. why do I getting this error.. I am very new to whmcs and i have idea how to figure it out.. Does this error is something to do with the enom domain registerar? Do I need to sign up and activate enom? Please help me..
  6. Hi.. want to get some help here.. I wanted to import this cpanel account to whmcs.. first step: setup -> product/service -> add new server second step :utilities -> cpanel/WHM import -> get account list when click on get account list, an error showing up saying : "Connection ErrorFailed to connect to port 2087: Connection timed out (Code 7) - Check IP/Blocked Firewall Ports" Why does this error showing up? And how do I import the cpanel account to whmcs?
  7. meaning 300 customer account with domain..
  8. its about 300 projects to import... can u share the script with me?
  9. oh..now i undertand.. great explanation...thanksss a lottt!!!
  10. ya.. its from WHM server.. my boss wanted to import all the client data and domains from whm to whmcs for keep track and billing. i was told that if from WHM server, only the domains detail will be imported but not client data and billing information... so, does that means we can only import domains from whm to whmcs and manually enter client data and billing information?
  11. or do i need any plugin to bulk import client data?
  12. is it possible to bulk import client data in whmcs? as the option to add new client is entered one by one.
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