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  1. The quotes method works best. Thats what I use for something very similar, then once you have done the work and your customer is happy you can convert it.
  2. Modern Products Template MOD

    Nice, I like it. Its a good little tweak if you sell game servers or similar. might have to check it out myself
  3. New Admin Theme - In Progress

    Looks great so far... Keep it up
  4. Ive used them in the past, I found them to be not bad at all actually.
  5. Cpanel features

    In terms of your your end users? Like SSH etc? It depends on what you are offering but there are a few things you may want to be careful about. Check out the reseller info on cpanels website, it has quite a lot of decent info and gives you an idea of what they recommend too.
  6. Forums are a great place to start in terms of online. Offline, you can ask friends, family or businesses in the area and try build a base of customers that way.

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