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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to add more information to the product drop down list in the Products/Services drop-down menu without success. I have products that clients often get multiple of, the only way to find which is which is to click on each one and look, I would like to have some information added to the name in the drop down list to be able to more easily find the correct product. Information that I would like added is: Service ID IP and Port Configurable Option Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Currently running WHMCS 7.8.3
  2. I did not have the carriage return, I copied and pasted, and the carriage return did not carry over, I have added it now. Thank you! Off the subject, do you happen to know how to add information about the clients selected service to this email as well?
  3. I added this in, and it works. I was wondering however, would it be possible to separate each filed onto a new line?
  4. I agree , I did not believe it at first either, however that is what MyWorks told me, and so far, it is working.
  5. All I did was visit the clients page in the WHMCS billing area, simply visiting the page caused WHMCS to properly import the PayPal information as a pay method.
  6. So, as it turns out, changing the time is not what caused all the automated captures or the Attempt CC Captures to work. Before I tried to run the Attempt CC Captures, and before the cron ran, I went to each clients page in the billing area, which apparently imported the PayPal as a pay method, that is what caused them to work. So I ended up having to take a day and run through all the active clients pages to be sure all the pay methods are imported. We will see if this fixes the issue for good.
  7. I tried this with my WHMCS install, without success. I need to add the service ID and/or the Dedicated IP/Port to the drop down list in the admin area for the clients products. I am wondering if this is not compatible with the newer versions of WHMCS, I am currently running 7.8
  8. I was also having this issue, as many others I have found in other forums. After a bit of testing, I found that if I try to click the link "Attempt CC Captures" right after cron runs, it would not capture the payments, it was as if WHMCS could not even see the payment method. I tried clicking the "Attempt CC Captures" about 8 hours later, and it worked. I then switched my cron to run at 12 PM instead of 4 AM, after switching this my automatic payments started working. I have only had it running at 12 PM for 2 days, however this is the first time it has worked for all invoices with a payment method.
  9. I am trying to add the service ID and or the IP and Port to the product dropdown in the admin are for clients products, I found this page, however I cannot seem to get it to work: https://whmcs.community/topic/291307-adding-custom-field-value-to-product-name/ I wanted to reply to that thread, however I do not see an option to reply.
  10. I have been trying to get this to work for days without any success. I understand that this is offered as a free module .. It is out of date and no longer works with the new versions of Drupal and when I asked them to help they said:
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