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  1. melotel

    Dual Factor for Contacts

    Uh.... that sucks. Hopefully they will implement for Contacts since they can have almost equal access to the data and should be protected.
  2. melotel

    Dual Factor for Contacts

    there are many if statements in the template file which decide whether to display something it so happens that nothing is displayed for this user? {if $linkableProviders } {if $twoFactorAuthAvailable} {if $securityquestionsenabled}
  3. melotel

    Dual Factor for Contacts

    Using default 6 theme, contacts of an organization see a blank screen when they login. Works OK for the primary account, but their contacts dont have the Security Settings page.
  4. melotel

    Time Based Tokens - Not working for clients

    FYI. i tried to toggle this to all options and it did not make any difference in it working or not. I will point out tho, that I do have a customer sub-directory for whmcs and it's on a sub-domain..
  5. I have enabled Time Based Tokens for clients. However, when they navigate to security and attempt to enabled the setting they get an error. Loading...An error occurred while communicating with the server. Please try again.
  6. Since we updated to 7.8, there is no longer a spot to add a CVV code when adding a customer credit card on the Admin site.
  7. I have the same issue. I have also opened a ticket. Version 7.8.2
  8. I have prorated most of my customers billing to the first of the month, however it seems that the CRON times out when there so many items to be processed. What kind of cron timeouts are you guys setting for your systems? Is there such a thing as too long?
  9. Reviewing a client file. i find the client displays... Invoices/Billing Paid 165 ($7431.28CDN) Draft 0 ($0.00CDN) Unpaid/Due 8 ($4974.37CDN) Cancelled 0 ($0.00CDN) Refunded 0 ($0.00CDN) Collections 0 ($0.00CDN) Income $7431.28CDN Credit Balance $0.00CDN But.. When I get a Statement Report for the same client. the totals are; Credits Debits Balance $7431.28CDN $-45974.76CDN $-38543.48CDN It seems to be most an issue with only one client that we have noticed so far.
  10. I see WHMCS is " Powered by Invision Community ". But I dont find any way to integrate my clients logins to it? Would love to do that! Any way?
  11. We have build a small app that runs on the same machine as our whmcs. Its currently available to any authenticated users in our /admin/ But I want to make it so that only those users that have the role assigned to them can view this specific app. Is there a way to add my own customer ROLE to the complete list of roles so I can choose what users groups will be able to access this app?
  12. We recently started having an issue when someone emails our support department, the email is stuck and every time the cron runs it creates the same ticket multiple times, until we have to login to the webmail for the email account and delete the email there. The same happens with replies to a ticket. When a customer replies to a ticket, we end up getting lots of the same reply in the ticket. until we have to go into the webmail and remove that email. It's almost as if WHMCS is not marking the email as read. Or... it is still accepting the email as NEW even if it is marked read. This was never an issue before. Any ideas?
  13. I have attached screenshots of my configuration. I am having a problem with only one customer it seems. He has a number of different services that are billed on the same day. With all my other customers who have "next billing date" on the same day, the WHMCS will automatically put them all together and create only ONE invoice. The problem i experience with this customer is that it creates 2 invoices at the same time. I have also confirmed that: Separate Invoices for Services, is NOT checked. Also notice the LOG... they are created at the same exact moment... Also notice the emails... they are sent at the same time, but I notice that one email doesn't have the invoice number. Not sure if that is relevant. Any help would be appreciated. Is this a bug? /http://i41.tinypic.com/2rqeh3b.png . /http://i40.tinypic.com/14sh9gl.png . /http://i41.tinypic.com/25hia76.png . /http://i44.tinypic.com/11bkqqx.png . /http://i41.tinypic.com/avm0hx.png . /http://i43.tinypic.com/iyotnk.png
  14. melotel

    Financial Graphs

    Do you have instructions for Version 5.2.4?

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