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  1. What seems to be happening is that Firefox is seeing the hidden "Existing Customer Login" fields on the checkout page as a required field even if you are a new customer and have not clicked "Already Registered". Therefore, the page won't even attempt to process, just the info bubble ""Please enter an email address". Any help is greatly appreciated. A few details: Firefox 41.0.1 WHMCS 6.1.1 standard_cart template six
  2. I know I've seen this before but can't remember if it was related to WHMCS or not and can't relocate it. Basically I want to have a form for ordering website design with interactivity such as sliders where the price changes as the user adds/changes design elements and features. I looked at the WHMCS "Configurable" addon but that seems to be strictly for hosting packages and cpanel/directadmin. Thanks!
  3. We are experiencing a credit card processing issue with our server so we need to take orders and manually key them into a terminal for authorization. I can't find how/where in the Admin area to get the credit card info to do this. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  4. We sell (in addition to our services and soft products) a few hard goods. We'd love to get those orders in WHMCS to keep everything under one program. I've played around with it some and can make a few things happen but WHMCS is obviously not really made for this use. Just wondering if anyone knows of some module or specific way of doing it. Thank you!
  5. I am trying out this one because it has a WHMCS module: NOC-PS Provisioning System Quoted text from their website: "Introduction NOC-PS is a virtual appliance that provisions physical servers. Using PXE technology, the server boots off the network, downloads the necessary files, and performs an automated installation of the Operating System."
  6. I would like to continue to use WHMCS but I need a few data center functions like those found in packages like Ubersmith. Here are a few features I am interested in (for starters): - Bandwidth Monitoring/Graphing and Overage Billing - Device Monitoring - IP Address Management - Remote Rebooter Integration Do you know of something already available or am I looking at a custom solution? Thanks!
  7. After 12 years in the hosting business using paid control panels (cPanel & Hsphere) I am about to build a server cluster from the ground up using an OPEN SOURCE CP. Furthermore, because I like WHMCS so much, I am going to start from the position that WHMCS is the requirement and the CP must fit it rather than the other way around. With that in mind I ask...What is (or would be) your preferred open source control panel? Thank you!
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