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How to use WHMCS with Subdomains, i.e client.mydomain.com

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There are 4 or 5 other alternative uses for subdomains that I can think of.


Can you be more specific?


Do you mean you want to offer this as a sales option to clients for their domian names, or import subdomains into a client list (much like they have additional domain names)?


Or is this something that you want to offer on your domain as a setup option?


Or do you just want the client to be able to manage their own subdomains inside WHMCS?


Edit: re-read your post.

Are you in effect saying that you want to segment whmcs across different sub-domains?

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Are you in effect saying that you want to segment whmcs across different sub-domains?


Yes exactly that, its for my web hosting site, just want it laid out better, don't know if I am allowed to post an example, but found this site and like the layout of the url's etc





It obviously can be done, but how, I wouldn't need a new lic key for each domain, surely not.


Is it just a matter of playing around with the configuration.php file?

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Whmcs does not support this out of the box.

And this would mean that a license key would be needed for each domain.

You may be able to do it with some use of mod_rewrite.

But then again it would probally report the "pre-rewritten" url.

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If you want to install WHMCS on a subdomain of your domain, then just create a package with the full subdomain as the domain name, and install WHMCS on it :) That's how we setup http://billing.softdux.com


Man how I create a package with the full subdomain?

I have already WHMCS on a folder mydomain.com/whmcs I created subdomain.mydomain.com and waiting to the license be updated, what else do I need to do?



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create the sub domain and than put / move all files into that sub domain folder in your ftp than go and reissue license from whmcs and than log in via the new sub domain address and your all good but going back to where it was said to have








that it self is not possible cause you are asking to have affiliates.php rerouted adn support.php and so on all redirected to a sub domain and i think that it will mess up the whmcs system


hope any of this helps you all out

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This thread sounds way too complicated about such simple thing as sub-domains. I just installed whmcs in specific folder (mydomain.com/whmcs), then created a sub-domain directed to that folder on my server and added that sub-domain to my whmcs license. Could there be any simplest way of doing it?


Works perfect for me!




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Exactly I just did the same yesterday and it worked perfectly!


That's what suprised me, and called my attention, since I have a trouble before, but I guess it was just the license that wasn't reissued.


Its very simple.



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wildcard dns, the correct apache config and .htaccess and its very doable :D


or for a simple method anyone can do, just add the subdomains in your control panel, and put a frame-forwarder in each one

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