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Protx module passing all cards to 3D Secure


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Has anyone else come across this and found it to be a problem?


I am used to the osCommerce Protx Direct module, which allows you to select which cards go for 3D Secure authentication.


We are now testing the WHMCS Protx module, but it's passing all cards to the 3D Secure verification page.


Is there any way in WHMCS (haven't found one myself) of selecting which cards use 3D Secure?


We only need to send Mastercard and Maestro cards to 3D Secure authentication at this point in time, but Visa, Solo, Delta and Electron cards are also being passed to 3D Secure.


Many thanks for any help provided.



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The rules do not make any difference to the problem we are having. The problem is that whilst in Test Mode ALL cards are being passed to the 3D screen with no option to skip it.


We have both Test and Live accounts with Protx and in the Test Account we can test 3D Secure but we can't test 3D Secure against our live Protx account yet, because we're waiting for Protx to turn that feature on.


Maybe it's just Test Mode which has this problem?


Customers should have the option of skipping the 3D Secure process if their card is not enrolled in the scheme - but we're just not seeing that in Test Mode, and this concerns us.


If anyone can confirm that they had the same experience whilst in Test Mode but that customers did have the option of skipping the 3D Secure page once in Live Mode then that would help to clarify things.



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Ah OK, test mode is a bit funky. IIRC correctly there are different card numbers for 3D and non-3D transactions so you can test both.


For live transactions though I can confirm that the customer will only go through the 3D secure process if their card is 3D registered.

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