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How to make a new client have free acct?


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I am donating space/bandwidth to the local temple. I want to make this account free for life without talking Credit card details.


Also, how to enroll/register a new client -- give him 1or 2 months free without taking CC details?


What is the best way to do both of the above?


THanks very much

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1) set up package and normal in config>products/service.

2) under pricing click top box FREE - this will mean that they will not be charged abnything for this package.

3) click hide from order form if you only want these to be given this package.

4) go to clients> add new client and complete form or ask them to register in the normal way without ordering a service

5) go to clients search, find their account and open and then add the product and jobs done.

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it is easier using the add credit then you dont have to set up another package just to service 1 client


If the client enters his CC info and i add 2 month credit -- then i have some more q's for U :-)


1) Will WHMCS use the credit first and then start charging the CC -- is this by default.

2) Can i delete credit once i have added to it?

3) Do i have to use my biz CC to add credit to customers acct?




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1) any credit is used first, as a client also has the option to add credit through their account control panel.

2 + 3) you dont need to use any cc to add credit to a clients account, all you do is go to clients profile and then in the right hand menu click on manage credits then add the credit you want. to delete credit you do the same thing, but instead of adding crtedit you just click the red cross next to the credit and this credit is then removed.

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one last question:


I want to give a family friend 2 months free, if he likes he will start paying -- with the free account mentioned above --- can i convert that to paying account later.??


thanks very much



I am pretty sure you can just create a one time coupon code for your friend to use. I will take a look at the coupon section now and see if it can be done.


EDIT: Actually, I can't see an option to offer 2 free months using a coupon. Perhaps this should be a feature?

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