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Hosting Welcome Email - How do you handle 2 or more different Control Panels?


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I would like to know how you address the issue of having two different server Control Panels (ex cPanel, InterWorx, plesk, helm, etc) and how that relates to the Hosting Account Welcome Email Template?


Do you have to place things like Control Panel URL, Control Panel logins etc into one email? If you do, wow, that will get really confusing to the end user, customer, I do believe.


Since I am new at using WHMCS (I have checked the Documentation area without help) I am wondering how you guys that have multiple Control Panels handle the Welcome Email.


I am used to a billing system that you have the option of having a specific Welcome Email assigned to a specific package or group. It appears with WHMCS that there is only one Hosting Account Welcome Email for ALL hosting accounts. Is this correct? Or, am I missing something here?


I appreciate your feed back on how you handle your different control panels in the Hosting Welcome Email.

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Well, since for each product you choose a server with an associated panel and would always be using that panel you can choose a email template specific to your hosted panel in the product configuration.


So i have seperate templates for CPanel, Plesk, etc and the product for CPanel uses the CPanel template and the one for Plesk uses the Plesk template.

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I am not sure why I didnt see this the first time, but for those that might of had a "brain fart" like I did here is the procedure for setting up separate emails attached to specific products (Hosting packages for an example).


1) Create your your specific Email in Email Templates

Configuration > Email Tempaltes and then at the BOTTOM of of the email templates page your will see Create New Email Template.


2) After you have created your email template go to Configuration > Products & Services and select the product you wish to make the change too.


3) On the "Details" tab you will be able to see the "Welcome Email" drop down choices. The custom Welcome Email you just created in step 1 should be listed there, select it from the drop down menu and click Save Changes.


Your Done and have a custom product Welcome Email.

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