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[MOD] Multiple columns in products display


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To change the amount of columns displayed on your products page look for {assign var=cols value=2} and change the value to how many columns you want to display.


Backup your /templates/orderforms/cart/products.tpl somewhere safe.


Then replace all the code in the file with this code below

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="templates/orderforms/cart/style.css" />

<p align="center" class="cartheading">{$LANG.cartbrowse}</p>

<div class="cartbox" align="center"><strong>
{foreach key=num item=productgroup from=$productgroups}
{if $gid eq $productgroup.gid}
{$productgroup.name} | 
<a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?gid={$productgroup.gid}">{$productgroup.name}</a> | 
{if $loggedin}<a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?gid=addons">{$LANG.cartproductaddons}</a> | {/if}
{if $registerdomainenabled}<a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=add&domain=register">{$LANG.registerdomain}</a> |{/if}
{if $transferdomainenabled}<a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=add&domain=transfer">{$LANG.transferdomain}</a> |{/if}
<a href="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=view">{$LANG.viewcart}</a>

<br />

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-width: 0px">
{assign var=cols value=2}
{foreach name=list key=num item=product from=$products}
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-width: 0px">
               <strong>{$product.name}</strong> {if $product.qty!=""}<em>({$product.qty} {$LANG.orderavailable})</em>{/if}<br />
               {if $product.description}{$product.description}<br />{/if}
               <div style="margin:5px;padding:2px;color:#cc0000;">
                   {if $product.paytype eq "free"}
                   {elseif $product.paytype eq "onetime"}
                   {$product.pricing.onetime} {$LANG.orderpaymenttermonetime}
                   {elseif $product.paytype eq "recurring"}
                   {if $product.pricing.monthly}{$product.pricing.monthly}<br />{/if}
                   {if $product.pricing.quarterly}{$product.pricing.quarterly}<br />{/if}
                   {if $product.pricing.semiannually}{$product.pricing.semiannually}<br />{/if}
                   {if $product.pricing.annually}{$product.pricing.annually}<br />{/if}
                   {if $product.pricing.biennially}{$product.pricing.biennially}<br />{/if}

               <div align="right"><input type="button" value="{$LANG.ordernowbutton}"{if $product.qty eq "0"} disabled{/if} onclick="window.location='{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=add&pid={$product.pid}'" /></div>
       {if not (($smarty.foreach.list.index +1) mod $cols)}
               {if not $smarty.foreach.list.last}
       {if $smarty.foreach.list.last}
               {* pad the cells not yet created *}
               {math equation = "n - a % n" n=$cols a=$products|@count assign="cells"}
               {if $cells ne $cols}
               {section name=pad loop=$cells}
                       <TD> </TD>
<p align="right"><input type="button" value="{$LANG.viewcart}" onclick="window.location='cart.php?a=view'" /></p>

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