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PayPal and default Buyer's Country


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I just received an email from PayPal regarding the introduction of a new feature:


"PayPal is making a change on the default language settings for our Norwegian speaking users on November 2008. At that time, your checkout flow will automatically convert to pages in Norwegian if the Buyer's Country setting on your website is set to a Norwegian speaking country or not yet set at all. This change will not affect eBay checkout."


Further, it explains how to set the default Buyer's Country when creating Buy Now buttons etc. from within the PayPal interface. However, I see no option to set the Buyer's Country setting globally.


Then, the email says:


"f you use a third-party shopping cart provider, you will need to contact that provider about changing your Buyer's Country settings."


This got me a bit worried. My fear is that all PayPal payment pages will appear in Norwegian for my WHMCS clients after this change has been implemented on Nov. 1. This, obviously, is not an option because virtually all my clients are english speaking.


I suspect this change does not only apply to Norwegian account holders, but some other languages as well.


Am I misinterpreting the information from PayPal, or are my concerns valid?


I would appreciate a comment on this from Matt. Maybe a new field has to be added to the PayPal settings in WHMCS, allowing us to specifiy the Buyer's Country?


Thanks in advance!



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iam facing this problem,


i need to make sure my clients get to the english version of paypal


with modernbill the staff help me add an extra parameter


how would i do this inside whmcs?


=us-ls something like that need to be added @ the paypal url


i notice paypal.php is incrypted..


maybe a user has this problem before and fix it?


all i need it to force users to go to the english version of paypal instead of going to my langauge paypal (dutch)



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This is what i had to do in Modernbill


The paypal module in v4 is open and available for editing. You can go to include/misc/mod_paypal/mod_functions.inc.php - line 149 and change:









Cause my paypal page is displaying in DUTCH which i dont want i want it to display in ENGLISH.

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Is this problem solved?


I'm in the netherlands and get al paypal stuff in english while default lang is dutch.

Want to have language for paypal changed, also paypal checkout and subscribe images have to be dutch. Also not paypal.com but paypal.nl


I have a dutch business for only the Netherlands so want everything dutch!


Languages stuff is a very big minus for WHMCS!

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