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Upgrading from ModernBill



So, I have a question for everyone and anyone,


How is the upgrading from/importing from MBv4 working at the moment?


I ask because modernbill just decided to bill people for stuff last month on the 29th of this month, then suspended them automatically without warning.


It's time for MB to go. Just looking for how rough a transition it's going to be.


Thanks! :)

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I've recently moved from MB5 to WHMCS and LOVE IT! The best move I've ever made, business wise. I found it easier to just create new products in whmcs since it is so very simple, there is a import script if you search the forum for it that will import everything from MB to WHMCS without trouble. I also used the import feature in the configuration area that moved over all accounts setup on the server to clients in whmcs which only took a wee bit of modifying to get it set back up. Took me a total of 3.5hrs in completely setting up whmcs whereas it took me over 2 weeks to figure out MB and then it didn't do half of what I wanted it to do.


Best of luck.. You're going to love the move me thinks.

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Personally, I paid WHMCS to do the upgrade for us from MB4 to WHMCS earlier this year - a couple hours later, all done.


Switching to WHMCS from the archaic non functional software that's called "ModernBill" should be a no brainer for almost any host (big or small). I've been a big believer in Modern Bill since I started using it in 2000, but as of 2008 we've been WHMCS and never looked back.


Whether done yourself or via WHMCS's upgrade service, it's well worth the time (or money).

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Thanks guys,


Our move went off without much of a hitch.


Though, the conversion script dumps affilitate data, so i'm going to have to figure out how to get that all back in.


Oh, and it converts everything as a hosting package, which wasn't fun. :D

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