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How Can I Show Different Image At Products.tpl


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{if $product.gid!="1"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/lin-img.jpg" />
{elseif $product.gid!="2"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/win-img.jpg" />
{elseif $product.gid!="3"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/radyo-img.jpg" />
{elseif $product.gid!="4"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/lin-img.jpg" />
{elseif $product.gid!="5"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/win-img.jpg" />
{elseif $product.gid!="6"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/ded-tr-img.jpg" />
{elseif $product.gid!="7"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/ded-eu-img.jpg" />
{elseif $product.gid!="8"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/vps-tr-img.jpg" />
{else $product.gid!="9"}<img src="templates/{$template}/images/vps-eu-img.jpg" />{/if}


this is my codes.


i want to show different images at different group id


example if i m displaying cart.php?gid=2 page (as linux Web hosting) i wanna see a linux image else i am displayin cart.php?gid=3 (as windows web hosting) i wanna see a windows image at package box in products area

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What has it got anything to do with it?


so say for love :)



Get a mini image at product box what u want.


an example:


at linux web hosting page; u will see a linux logo near product details

at windows web hosting page; u will see a windows logo near product details


which product if u want u can show own logo at product box :)

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Lets breakdown your first line so that you know what it does


{if $product.gid!="1"}
$product.gid is not a variable within the $ product array ($product is an array of all the products to be displayed).


!= means not equal to


So if a variable that does not exist is not equal to 1 then (display your image).


The image would ALWAYS display because the variable is empty and would never equal 1.


Hope that helped to explain to you where you went wrong.


Here is a couple of linux penguins for you


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