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DotNetPanel Integration


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Hi All,


I need to replace the basic storefront in dotnetpanel with something a bit more manageable. I see that WHMCS can deploy dotnetpanel servers. I see also that there is no documentation but some people here are using it with some success.


I'm running some tests with a new and fresh dnp setup - it's a bit new to me but we've got it doing what we need. It consists of a few servers one of which is the enterprise server. I've tried a few things in WHMCS but I'm not getting anywhere at all.. I don't even seem to be getting any errors just nothing happening when I place an order just a blank frame in whmcs.. far as I can tell that's it.


The reality is that I don't actually know for sure where to pinty whmcs which port, user etc.. I should be using. Anybody care to enlighten me.. ?


To be honest even a definitive "it works I'm using it" or "It won't work, never has.." statement would be useful.


We're on a stable demo licence of WHMCS and the latest DNP. If I can show this working we'll buy a licence because apart from the DNP bit this is exactly whaty I need for this project.




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We have DNP working on our setup. When initially installed we had some issues getting WHMCS to work because we had an incorrect version of SOAP running....if I remember right.


Anyway it mostly does what you might expect. Our issues with WHMCS are relatively minor:

1) The Suspend function changes account information on the server for some reason I have yet to figure out (If anyone knows why this happens, PLEASE help!). In short it removes any groups that the account is in when you suspend an account. When they are unsuspended they are not put back. This is NOT WHM's fault though as the operation is sent to DNP correctly and DNP messes it up.


2) The change password and change package functions do not work for us. I don't know if this one is WHM's fault or not, but it is easier to terminate the account and then create it again than to worry about why these functions don't work....Unfortunately this limits what we can automate for customers changing their own plans but in our case this is currently doable.


I can't comment on other features you might wish to use, but the ones we use (that are not broken as mentioned above) are stable and appear to be reliable.

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We have DNP setup and running with WHMCS. That is the main reason we looked at WHMCS was due to the fact it could support DNP. We do not have WHMCS auto create on purchase but we do create them from within WHMCS. Everything works as it should and we dont have any problems with WHMCS as far as creating accounts in DNP. Most of our issues with WHMCS and DNP come from DNP not doing what its supposed to.


I dont know if that answers your question but WHMCS and DNP work great together and the storefront blows away the DNP storefront.

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Hi all,


Thanks for the info. It seems much as I expected.


The obeservations about DNP not behaving as it should are a little worrying but they sound like niggling annoyances rather than show stoppers. It also seems that more detail is required on requirements for WHMCS.


Can you tell me which soap libraries you have installed eg : just php-soap or also libsoap (or whatever lib naming convention applies :-\ ) I've also made the assumption that you are running whmcs on linux - put me right if that's not correct.


I've been building and running php apps for so long it wouldn't even occur to me to try it on windows. I've heard that people do though ;-)


I'm coming to whmcs and dnp from much larger and costlier "enterprise" products. I'm impressed with whmcs so far. Our current billing system is a bad tempered pain in the a**e - It's unpredictable and impossible to follow - when it screws up, it screws up everything. So far whmcs is actually better in a number of key areas.


To be honest, I may just use whmcs and dnp as seperate applications.

Anybody tried the hyperVM stuff ?



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