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I want to have a configurable option that is just a one time fee, and I don't want it to say setup fee. For example, I have a web design product, and in configurable options, I want the customer to be able to choose either the html version, or the flash version. The only way I can get this to work is to add the fee as a setup fee, but then the drop down reads


"Flash Version - $USD + $500.00 $USD Setup Fee"

"HTML Version - $USD + $500.00 $USD Setup Fee"


I would like it to just read


"Flash Version - $500 USD"

"HTML Version - $500 USD"


Does anyone know how to fix this? Why is there an extra $USD in there - and how do I remove that? Also, I woudl like to remove the words "Setup Fee" because it might be misleading. It is just a one time fee, not a setup fee.

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hmmm, that didn't give me the desired effect. it didn't add the charge to the shopping cart, and it appeared just as "Flash Version - $USD" instead of charging a one time fee, and appearing in the dropdown as "Flash Version - add $50 USD"

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Probably the best option is to use addons. Goto Configuration > Product Addons after you've added the addon make sure you check Show on Order.




While this is a temporary work around. I think the Configurable Options needs to support one time fees.




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I've been wondering about this for a while and nobody has been able to tell me definitively that it is a bug. If the main product is a one-time only charge, any price you enter into the configurable option (other than setup fee) will come up blank. That's why you get "$ USD" because the number amount should be between the two! As soon as you change the main product to recurring, the amount will show up. If you want a one-time only charge product though, you're out of luck!

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