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Question about paypal subscriptions


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I have paypal subscriptions set as my option so when members signup they are automatically set as paypal subscription. I have about 5 accounts whos invoices are due on 3/24/2008 (today)..yet, none of them show being paid. Is this going to happen at midnight or something?


Considering it's a paypal subscription the funds should be automatically withdrawn from their account, correct? That is what my customer's and I believe is going to happen. Any idea why these invoices are not marked paid yet? My cron ran at 11AM my time today.


Please let me know

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I have yet to see a PP subscription come out for the due date as when it is created, it is always set for the following day. The subscription may or may come out some time on that following day. Usually they do, but it's a roll of the dice. :shock:

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A client just asked me about that too. He was consistently billed on the 25th but this month, PP shows the next paytment being the 26th. My first thought was the subscription was for every 30 days instead of monthly, but, nope, it's monthly. The only other thing I could think of is that it was a short month last month. If I remember correctly, it adjusts later on back to the original day of the month in a future payment.

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You and/or your client should be able to log into PayPal, find the subscription and see when the next scheduled payment is due. If need be, you can adjust your due date accordingly and make sure they aren't automatically suspended. Let the clients know and they should ignore any past due notices.

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We get most of our payments between 3am and 7am PST from Paypal on the day PayPal says they will send it. E.g. they say they'll send it on the 26th, so sometime between 3am and 7am on the 26th the payment will come through. However, they are always a day late (e.g. our system will think the payment is due on the 25th when PayPal says the 26th)


We set our past due notices to go out three days after the payment is due, so that most payments are received from Paypal before the note goes out. The only exception is eCheck payments, which take 3-4 days to clear. Therefore, our first past-due notice says 'if you paid via PayPal echeck, ignore this notice'


I've asked Matt about having WHMCS automatically adjust any PayPal subscription due date by one day when the client signs up, but he says its very complicated:



Well it's a very messy way of doing it changing someone's renewal date and you have to calculate somehow if it's their first payment or a recurring and also wouldn't work for those using prorata billing. The ideal solution would be to calculate the number of days until the same day next month, subtract one, and then set it up like that but it could give odd looking values for the customer.







So I'd suggest our approach instead (e.g. set your overdue notices a few days out)

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