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We've had the same issue with a small percentage of clients getting an empty cart, asking them to clear their browser cookies seemed to resolve the issue for the few that actually contacted us with the problem.


Something within their cookies must have been nuking the session as they ordered fine once they had cleared the cookies.

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Sorry for digging up an old thread, but the only time this ever happens is if a user's browser or computer blocks cookies.


If you go to any WHMCS cart installation, and block cookies in your browser, it will always give you an empty shopping cart. I must of tried at least 20 different companies using this system to check now.


The only way we managed to 95% block this problem, is to put in a Javascript to alert clients to this, and to enable cookies. Problem comes when they also are blocking Javascript.


Ideally a better solution needs to be found, as every week clients inform us that our order form is broken, when it never is.

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This is issue is completely related to cookies, we have a few incidents recently where clients have said they are not able to checkout... basically because their cart is empty.


In Internet Explorer 7 > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy - if settings in user's browser are higher than 'Medium High' then they will not be able to checkout as the cart will empty.


In Firefox 3 > Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies, If user's settings show 'Accept Cookies from Site' as unchecked then the user will not be able to checkout as the cart will be empty.


I assume similar settings in earlier browsers will produce the same results.


Hope this helps.


How can we get around this issue as it is difficult to know how many potential new clients we are losing because they are not able to checkout?






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