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What Domain Registrar do you recommend?


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Currently I have a retail Enom account and I am registering all new domains manually.


I'm looking for a domain registrar that I can register with automatically (well, by pressing a button, not automatically upon payment) that is a decent value. I do not want to register domains automatically upon payment due the very large amount of domain registration fraud going about. But rather than having to go to enom and enter all of the details myself... it would be nice to be able to after reviewing an order to then have an API register the domain for me.


Basically I'm asking what do you use, how much do you pay, and do you recommend the service or is there a different registrar you prefer?





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Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


Most likely causes:

You are not connected to the Internet.

The website is encountering problems.

There might be a typing error in the address.




I am using firefox. I followed the link, and when that came up blank, I googled it, and followed google's link.


I just tried again, and it is now working.

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Enom is the only quality registar for resellers IMHO, the rest are amatures.


That may be, but I would say it has more to do with your business model/aspirations. Through my current registrar, I get domain names cheap enough that I can resell less than what other companies charge (including GoDaddy), as well as offer free (yes I said free) hosting along with it, and still make a profit.


I might be in way over my head, but my goal is to convert the millions of GoDaddy customers (along with others' customers) into my customers.


Now, my registrar's support sucks, but I have only had to call/email them twice in 8 years with several domains. So everything usually works seamlessly, but when it doesn't it creates a headache. The only other drawback is that they don't have an API yet. One is in development, but not quite there yet.


Once the API hits, I have the perfect opportunity to take on "the big guys". I hear so many great things about enom that I wish I could resell for them, but with the prices that enom charges, it is simply not practical to fulfill my goals.

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