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Protx and Maestro / Solo


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Just a quick warning.


Protx have now updated their systems to stop the repeat (Continuous Authority) of Maestro and Solo Transactions. All banks will be doing this over the next few months.


It has really screwed us over as 90% of our client base use Maestro and Solo.


Hope it hasn't affected you as much as it has us :(


Kind Regards

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What makes you think they are removing the method I have used here? I don't think you even know the method used?!?! It should continue to work and will be included in 3.6 to accomodate this unwarned ProtX system change.



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Weird. Just checked their page about CA and it has changed. Just another reason to move away from Protx I suppose.


Dunno what is going on as I don't use them anymore. I assume it will have something to do with 3D secure. What do Barclaycard say about it as they are the ones who decide whether you can take repeat payments not Protx.

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It's not down to Barclays though from what protx say - if its against the card scheme rules then these are the rules set by Solo and Maestro themselves, in which case it would appear that Protx have just applied this when they should have and other gateways are just avoiding this rule at the moment so it wouldn't really be Protx's fault. If this is the case, the same is going to happen with other gateways as well which will cause a huge inconvenience

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This page says HSBC is supported?




Where have you seen this? HSBC is not mentioned at all on this page. A few paragraphs down from the top however is says:


Banks Support


At present, Protx are only set up to work with Continuous Authority Internet Merchant Numbers from the following acquiring banks:


Underneath it has images for Loyds TSB, Barclays & Bank of Scotland

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