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Domains expiration date 00/00/00 and more problem.


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Hello I noticed that when A client transfered 5 domains to my system they show the correct registration and next due date but every domain registered or transfered through my system is showing up expired 00/00/00 and going to the expired domains tab even though they are active.


Is there some setting that automatically selects the correct information or do I have to manually set the information for each domain received?


Also I have noticed that when whmcs does the transfer or registration of a domain to E-Nom which is the registrar I use. The clients name servers are not changed to my name servers they are left as default. I set the correct nameservers in E-Nom and whmcs but it still keeps doing it.


If I manually register or transfer directly through E-nom from its control panel then the nameservers appear correctly.



One last question, Ive asked for support from directadmin but havent heard back from them yet. When whmcs creates an account on my directadmin system, the bandwidth usage statistics does not update each day at all, even though the disk usage does update. When I manually create an account on directadmin the usage does update correctly what could be causing this?

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  • WHMCS Developer

I have written an API call using eNom and have got the expiry date in it.


they even have an API command to just get the domain expiry date.


the command is GetDomainExp. Example below




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Actually expiration date could be parsed fairly reliably from the whois information. This isn't rocket science - the dates are in DD/MM/YYYY or DD-Mmm-YYYY format most of the time, they just need to be parsed. Mostly they have the string "domain expiry" or "domain expiration" in front of them.


I've seen code to standardize whois output by parsing it based on the registrar and TLD; that's probably overkill here.


Hint: this would be particularly nice when importing accounts (as would pulling the WHM annual renewal date from cPanel, it's in /var/cpanel/user/accountname, obvously that requires root, so isn't easy and might be too hard). For new sales, an import system that imports renewal dates for both domains and expiries would be a first-in-class distinguisher for WHMCS compared to the other products. (Not that we ever waste time with that comparison, mind you!!!)




Some whois expiry format examples:

hp.com (markmonitor):    Expires on..............: 2008-Mar-04.
whitedoggreenfrog.com (DirectI):[font=verdana][size=2]Expiration Date: 01-May-2010
coogan.org (DirectI):[/size][/font][font=verdana][size=2]Expiration Date:10-Oct-2008 18:51:11 UTC
[/size][/font][font=verdana][size=2]cpanel.net (OpenSRS): Record expires on 12-Nov-2016.
[/size][/font]whmcs.com (eNom):[font=verdana][size=2]Expiration date: 10 Jun 2008 06:24:48

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I'm using enom and I have this problem as well. Just processed my first transfer the other day and it showed that the Expiry Date as 00/00/0000 so my customer renewed the domain after the transfer was complete because he was worried it was expired. Even after the renewal, the date was 00/00/0000 i had to manually change it.

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