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WHMCS Open-Source AI Language Translator


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🌐 Introducing WHMCS Language Translator: A New Open Source Project

Hey everyone,

I am thrilled to announce my new open source project, WHMCS Language Translator! This project aims to simplify the translation process for WHMCS Language Files by leveraging AI technologies like LibreTranslate and DeepL.

Link: https://github.com/xKliment/WHMCS-all-language-translations

🔍 Project Overview
Here's a quick glimpse of what the repository offers:

- AI Translations: Translations performed with LibreTranslate or DeepL.
- Human Review Process: You can manually review translations or use our provided Translator AI Scripts.
- Status Table: See the progress and readiness of each translation for different languages.

🌐 Already Translated Lanagues

| Language | Lang Key | AI Translated | Human Reviewed | Ready for Production |
| German   | de       | Using DeepL         |             |                   |
| French   | fr       | LibreTranslate           |             |                   |
| Dutch    | nl       | LibreTranslate           |             |                   |
| Italian  | it       | LibreTranslate           |             |                   |
| Danish   | da       | LibreTranslate           |             |                   |

🤝 Contribute
Your contributions are welcome! Review a language file manually, follow the process with our scripts, and make a pull request. Check out the https://github.com/xKliment/WHMCS-all-language-translations on how to get started.

🧠 How it Works
You can use either LibreTranslate or DeepL API to perform translations. The process is outlined in two parts:
- LibreTranslate: Requires Python 3.9.x, simple installation via pip, and accessible locally.
- DeepL: Same steps as LibreTranslate, with an additional API key input (free registration available).

A step-by-step guide is available in the repository.

This method aims to simplify manual review, but may contain inaccuracies. It's made to ease the translation process, especially for those, like me, who find reviewing translations time-consuming. Your contributions and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

🥳 Join Us!
Want to be part of this community-driven project? Head over to the repository, take a look, and let's make a proper language translation for WHMCS accessible to everyone.

Happy translating!

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