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Add route for provisioning module




I need to know how to add route for provisioning module

Add route already exists in WHMCS it's already used in Stripe Gateway https://domain.com/stripe/payment/intent or https://domain.com/index.php?rp=/stripe/payment/intent

Is there any ready-made code that does the same job?


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In WHMCS, you can add a custom route for a provisioning module by modifying the module's configuration file. The configuration file is a PHP script that is located in the modules/servers/ directory in your WHMCS installation.

To add a route for a provisioning module, you will need to specify a $_ADDONLANG['route'] variable in the module's configuration file. This variable should contain an array of route definitions, where each definition consists of a key-value pair. The key represents the name of the route, and the value represents the route pattern.

Here's an example of how you can define a route in a provisioning module's configuration file:

$_ADDONLANG['route'] = array(
  'payment/intent' => '/stripe/payment/intent',

This route definition would allow you to access the route at https://domain.com/index.php?rp=/stripe/payment/intent.

In addition to defining the route, you will also need to implement the code that handles the request when the route is accessed. This can be done by creating a function in the module's PHP code and registering it as a hook.

For example:

function stripe_payment_intent($vars) {
  // your code here
add_hook('ModuleRoutes', 1, 'stripe_payment_intent');

The stripe_payment_intent function will be called whenever the route /stripe/payment/intent is accessed, and it will receive an array of variables as its argument. You can use these variables to perform any necessary actions or operations in response to the request.

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