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checkCbTransID doesn't work

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I've created a new gateway payment. I used the standard callback template. For the moment I get the invoiceId and transactionId.

When my callback meets


the page is stopped. I var_dump $transactionId and I got the right id.

The weird part is that my invoice is marked as paid.

WHMCS Version: 7.9.0

Here is my code :




 * WHMCS Sample Payment Callback File
 * This sample file demonstrates how a payment gateway callback should be
 * handled within WHMCS.
 * It demonstrates verifying that the payment gateway module is active,
 * validating an Invoice ID, checking for the existence of a Transaction ID,
 * Logging the Transaction for debugging and Adding Payment to an Invoice.
 * For more information, please refer to the online documentation.
 * @see https://developers.whmcs.com/payment-gateways/callbacks/
 * @copyright Copyright (c) WHMCS Limited 2017
 * @license http://www.whmcs.com/license/ WHMCS Eula

// Require libraries needed for gateway module functions.
require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../init.php';
require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/gatewayfunctions.php';
require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/invoicefunctions.php';

// Detect module name from filename.
$gatewayModuleName = basename(__FILE__, '.php');

// Fetch gateway configuration parameters.
$gatewayParams = getGatewayVariables($gatewayModuleName);

// Die if module is not active.
if (!$gatewayParams['type']) {
    die("Module Not Activated");

 * Validate Callback Invoice ID.
 * Checks invoice ID is a valid invoice number. Note it will count an
 * invoice in any status as valid.
 * Performs a die upon encountering an invalid Invoice ID.
 * Returns a normalised invoice ID.
 * @param int $invoiceId Invoice ID
 * @param string $gatewayName Gateway Name

$invoiceId = $_POST['invoiceId'];
$invoiceId = checkCbInvoiceID($invoiceId, $gatewayParams['name']);

 * Check Callback Transaction ID.
 * Performs a check for any existing transactions with the same given
 * transaction number.
 * Performs a die upon encountering a duplicate.
 * @param string $transactionId Unique Transaction ID

$transactionId = $_POST['transactionId'];
$transactionStatus = true;
 * Log Transaction.
 * Add an entry to the Gateway Log for debugging purposes.
 * The debug data can be a string or an array. In the case of an
 * array it will be
 * @param string $gatewayName        Display label
 * @param string|array $debugData    Data to log
 * @param string $transactionStatus  Status
logTransaction($gatewayParams['name'], $_POST, $transactionStatus);
$success = true;
$paymentAmount = $_POST['amount'];

if ($success) {
     * Add Invoice Payment.
     * Applies a payment transaction entry to the given invoice ID.
     * @param int $invoiceId         Invoice ID
     * @param string $transactionId  Transaction ID
     * @param float $paymentAmount   Amount paid (defaults to full balance)
     * @param float $paymentFee      Payment fee (optional)
     * @param string $gatewayModule  Gateway module name

     header("Location: mywebsite.com/invoice.php?id=$invoiceId&statut=success");
    header("Location: mywebsite.com/invoice.php?id=$invoiceId&statut=error");
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