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  1. Yep, I'm sending the right information because I'm able to retreive the response from the callback file. I'm using mercanet as third party (https://documentation.mercanet.bnpparibas.net/index.php/Connecteur_POST)
  2. I tried as you said but my callback page isn't called, so my invoice isn't marked as paid
  3. How the third party will know where to redirect ? So it should be something like : https://mydomain/viewinvoice.php?id=$invoiceId";
  4. I created a minimalist gateway module : <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) { die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); } function gatewaymodule_MetaData() { return array( 'DisplayName' => 'Sample Payment Gateway Module', 'APIVersion' => '1.1', // Use API Version 1.1 'DisableLocalCreditCardInput' => true, 'TokenisedStorage' => false, ); } function gatewaymodule_config() { return array( // the friendly display name for a payment gateway should be // defined here for backwards compatibility 'FriendlyName' => array( 'Type' => 'System', 'Value' => 'Sample Third Party Payment Gateway Module', ), // a text field type allows for single line text input 'accountID' => array( 'FriendlyName' => 'Account ID', 'Type' => 'text', 'Size' => '25', 'Default' => '', 'Description' => 'Enter your account ID here', ), // a password field type allows for masked text input 'secretKey' => array( 'FriendlyName' => 'Secret Key', 'Type' => 'password', 'Size' => '25', 'Default' => '', 'Description' => 'Enter secret key here', ), // the yesno field type displays a single checkbox option 'testMode' => array( 'FriendlyName' => 'Test Mode', 'Type' => 'yesno', 'Description' => 'Tick to enable test mode', ), // the dropdown field type renders a select menu of options 'dropdownField' => array( 'FriendlyName' => 'Dropdown Field', 'Type' => 'dropdown', 'Options' => array( 'option1' => 'Display Value 1', 'option2' => 'Second Option', 'option3' => 'Another Option', ), 'Description' => 'Choose one', ), // the radio field type displays a series of radio button options 'radioField' => array( 'FriendlyName' => 'Radio Field', 'Type' => 'radio', 'Options' => 'First Option,Second Option,Third Option', 'Description' => 'Choose your option!', ), // the textarea field type allows for multi-line text input 'textareaField' => array( 'FriendlyName' => 'Textarea Field', 'Type' => 'textarea', 'Rows' => '3', 'Cols' => '60', 'Description' => 'Freeform multi-line text input field', ), ); } function gatewaymodule_link($params) { // Invoice Parameters $invoiceId = $params['invoiceid']; $amount = $params['amount']; $currencyCode = $params['currency']; $transaction = "TEST" . rand(100000,999999); $ReturnUrl = "https://mydomain/modules/gateways/callback/gatewaymodule.php"; $secretKey = "SECRET"; $hash=hash('sha256', $invoiceId.$amount.$currencyCode.$transaction.$normalReturnUrl.$secretKey); $htmlOutput = " <form method='post' action='https://payment-gateway.com/'> <input type='hidden' name='amount' value='$amount'> <input type='hidden' name='ReturnUrl' value='$ReturnUrl'> <input type='hidden' name='transaction' value='$transaction'> <input type='hidden' name='invoiceid' value='$invoiceId'> <input type='hidden' name='currency' value='$currencyCode'> <input type='hidden' name='hash' value='$seal'> <input type='submit' value='Pay'><br> </form> "; return $htmlOutput; } function gatewaymodule_refund($params) { // Gateway Configuration Parameters $accountId = $params['accountID']; $secretKey = $params['secretKey']; $testMode = $params['testMode']; $dropdownField = $params['dropdownField']; $radioField = $params['radioField']; $textareaField = $params['textareaField']; // Transaction Parameters $transactionIdToRefund = $params['transid']; $refundAmount = $params['amount']; $currencyCode = $params['currency']; // Client Parameters $firstname = $params['clientdetails']['firstname']; $lastname = $params['clientdetails']['lastname']; $email = $params['clientdetails']['email']; $address1 = $params['clientdetails']['address1']; $address2 = $params['clientdetails']['address2']; $city = $params['clientdetails']['city']; $state = $params['clientdetails']['state']; $postcode = $params['clientdetails']['postcode']; $country = $params['clientdetails']['country']; $phone = $params['clientdetails']['phonenumber']; // System Parameters $companyName = $params['companyname']; $systemUrl = $params['systemurl']; $langPayNow = $params['langpaynow']; $moduleDisplayName = $params['name']; $moduleName = $params['paymentmethod']; $whmcsVersion = $params['whmcsVersion']; // perform API call to initiate refund and interpret result return array( // 'success' if successful, otherwise 'declined', 'error' for failure 'status' => 'success', // Data to be recorded in the gateway log - can be a string or array 'rawdata' => $responseData, // Unique Transaction ID for the refund transaction 'transid' => $refundTransactionId, // Optional fee amount for the fee value refunded 'fees' => $feeAmount, ); } function gatewaymodule_cancelSubscription($params) { // Gateway Configuration Parameters $accountId = $params['accountID']; $secretKey = $params['secretKey']; $testMode = $params['testMode']; $dropdownField = $params['dropdownField']; $radioField = $params['radioField']; $textareaField = $params['textareaField']; // Subscription Parameters $subscriptionIdToCancel = $params['subscriptionID']; // System Parameters $companyName = $params['companyname']; $systemUrl = $params['systemurl']; $langPayNow = $params['langpaynow']; $moduleDisplayName = $params['name']; $moduleName = $params['paymentmethod']; $whmcsVersion = $params['whmcsVersion']; // perform API call to cancel subscription and interpret result return array( // 'success' if successful, any other value for failure 'status' => 'success', // Data to be recorded in the gateway log - can be a string or array 'rawdata' => $responseData, ); } and the callback : <?php require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../init.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/gatewayfunctions.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/invoicefunctions.php'; $gatewayModuleName = basename(__FILE__, '.php'); $gatewayParams = getGatewayVariables($gatewayModuleName); if (!$gatewayParams['type']) { die("Module Not Activated"); } $secretKey = 'SECRET'; $invoiceId = $_POST["invoiceid"]; $transactionId = $_POST["transaction"]; $paymentAmount = $_POST["amount"]; $hash = $_POST["hash"]; $invoiceId = checkCbInvoiceID($invoiceId, $gatewayParams['name']); checkCbTransID($transactionId); logTransaction($gatewayParams['name'], $_POST, "TEST"); if ($success) { addInvoicePayment( $invoiceId, $transactionId, $paymentAmount, 0, $gatewayModuleName ); } When I try a payment and get redirected to callback/gatewaymodule.php logTransaction($gatewayParams['name'], $_POST, "TEST"); is triggered twice. How can I avoid that ?
  5. I've created a new gateway payment. I used the standard callback template. For the moment I get the invoiceId and transactionId. When my callback meets checkCbTransID($transactionId); the page is stopped. I var_dump $transactionId and I got the right id. The weird part is that my invoice is marked as paid. WHMCS : Version: 7.9.0 Here is my code : <?php /** * WHMCS Sample Payment Callback File * * This sample file demonstrates how a payment gateway callback should be * handled within WHMCS. * * It demonstrates verifying that the payment gateway module is active, * validating an Invoice ID, checking for the existence of a Transaction ID, * Logging the Transaction for debugging and Adding Payment to an Invoice. * * For more information, please refer to the online documentation. * * @see https://developers.whmcs.com/payment-gateways/callbacks/ * * @copyright Copyright (c) WHMCS Limited 2017 * @license http://www.whmcs.com/license/ WHMCS Eula */ // Require libraries needed for gateway module functions. require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../init.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/gatewayfunctions.php'; require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../includes/invoicefunctions.php'; // Detect module name from filename. $gatewayModuleName = basename(__FILE__, '.php'); // Fetch gateway configuration parameters. $gatewayParams = getGatewayVariables($gatewayModuleName); // Die if module is not active. if (!$gatewayParams['type']) { die("Module Not Activated"); } /** * Validate Callback Invoice ID. * * Checks invoice ID is a valid invoice number. Note it will count an * invoice in any status as valid. * * Performs a die upon encountering an invalid Invoice ID. * * Returns a normalised invoice ID. * * @param int $invoiceId Invoice ID * @param string $gatewayName Gateway Name */ $invoiceId = $_POST['invoiceId']; $invoiceId = checkCbInvoiceID($invoiceId, $gatewayParams['name']); /** * Check Callback Transaction ID. * * Performs a check for any existing transactions with the same given * transaction number. * * Performs a die upon encountering a duplicate. * * @param string $transactionId Unique Transaction ID */ $transactionId = $_POST['transactionId']; checkCbTransID($transactionId); $transactionStatus = true; /** * Log Transaction. * * Add an entry to the Gateway Log for debugging purposes. * * The debug data can be a string or an array. In the case of an * array it will be * * @param string $gatewayName Display label * @param string|array $debugData Data to log * @param string $transactionStatus Status */ logTransaction($gatewayParams['name'], $_POST, $transactionStatus); $success = true; $paymentAmount = $_POST['amount']; if ($success) { /** * Add Invoice Payment. * * Applies a payment transaction entry to the given invoice ID. * * @param int $invoiceId Invoice ID * @param string $transactionId Transaction ID * @param float $paymentAmount Amount paid (defaults to full balance) * @param float $paymentFee Payment fee (optional) * @param string $gatewayModule Gateway module name */ addInvoicePayment( $invoiceId, $transactionId, $paymentAmount, '', $gatewayModuleName ); header("Location: mywebsite.com/invoice.php?id=$invoiceId&statut=success"); }else{ header("Location: mywebsite.com/invoice.php?id=$invoiceId&statut=error"); }
  6. Hello, I added a custom gateway using Mastercard payment and everytime I'm making a payment i have a double transaction every time. I don't know how to debug it and how to fix it. I commented out the following function in the callback: //checkCbTransID($transactionId); WHMCS : 7.9.0 I'm using mercanet as Gateway (https://documentation.mercanet.bnpparibas.net/index.php?title=Connecteur_POST)
  7. I'm trying to login into my admin area using my correct credentials. then I click on login button, I'm redirected into this page : Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us. « Back to Homepage Here is what I got from my webserver log : 2019/09/23 15:34:40 [error] 29188#0: *13488328 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: [WHMCS Application] ERROR: WHMCS\Exception: Could not determine admin user id in /var/www/html/xxx.com/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Installer/Composer/ComposerJson.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/xxx.com/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Admin/Controller/HomepageController.php(0): WHMCS\Admin->hasPermission('Update WHMCS') #1 [internal function]: WHMCS\Admin\Controller\HomepageController->index(Object(WHMCS\Http\Message\ServerRequest)) #2 /var/www/html/xxx.com/vendor/middlewares/utils/src/CallableHandler.php(26): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #3 /var/www/html/xxx.com/vendor/middlewares/fast-route/src/FastRoute.php(96): Middlewares\Utils\CallableHandler::execute(Array, Array) #4 /var/www/html/xxx.com/resources/views/admin/assent/shared/data-eula.php(0): Middlewares\FastRoute->process(Object(WHMCS\Http\Message\ServerRequest), Object(Middlewares\Utils\Delegate)) #5 /var/www/html/xxx.com/resources/views/admin/assent/shared/data-eula.php(0): WHMCS\Route\" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: xxx.com, request: "GET /admin/index.php?rp=/admin/ HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://", host: "www.xxx.com" I'm using nginx as webserver
  8. Well I tried on my mobile phone and also tried on desktop browser (using the responsive in the console) and still the same issue. The part I don't really understand, is that if I try to login using an admin account to login into the clientarea it's working, I can connect throught mobile interface. Hard to tell what's happening. To be sure I used the correct credentials I saved them into the browser when I logged in the first time. So I'm sure it's not a typo error
  9. Hello, I'm trying to connect with my mobile device with the correct credentials and I get When I try with the same credentials on desktop I'm able to login to my account. I'm using version 7.7.1 of WHMCS. My website is under SSL. PHP : PHP7.1.29
  10. On every page of my website I have this following error in my console. I don't what is the root of the problem
  11. Thanks for the answer, I managed to use it. I would like to know what does the line $ca->initPage(); And my final page looks like : use WHMCS\ClientArea; use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; require 'init.php'; $ca = new ClientArea(); //$ca->initPage(); // What does this line do ? if(isset($_POST['email']) and isset($_POST['password']) and $ca->isLoggedIn()){ $conn = new mysqli("HOST", "USER", "PASSWORD", "DATABASE"); if($stmt = $conn->prepare("SELECT `id` FROM `tblclients` WHERE `email` = ? AND `password` = ?")) { $stmt->bind_param("ss", $_POST['email'], $_POST['password']); $stmt->execute(); $result = $stmt->get_result(); while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { $id_user = $row['id']; } $stmt->close(); } $conn->close(); }else{ header("Location: ../../../index.php"); } if(isset($id_user) and !empty($id_user) and isset($_POST['service_id']) and $ca->isLoggedIn()){ //Logged in }else{ //Not logged }
  12. Thank you for the answer. I found a workaround with the following code : if(isset($_POST['email']) and isset($_POST['password'])){ $conn = new mysqli("HOST", "USER", "PASS", "DATABASE"); if($stmt = $conn->prepare("SELECT `id` FROM `tblclients` WHERE `email` = ? AND `password` = ?")) { $stmt->bind_param("ss", $_POST['email'], $_POST['password']); $stmt->execute(); $result = $stmt->get_result(); while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { $id_user = $row['id']; } $stmt->close(); } $conn->close(); } if(isset($id_user) and !empty($id_user)){ //LOGGED IN }else{ //WRONG CREDENTIALS }
  13. I would to know if it's possible to check user session into a custom page with php ? The custom page is situated on the same server and is in the whmcs folder. I need it to secure the page. Thank you for any reply
  14. I enable the error as you said, but I don't know where to watch for debugging
  15. But if I run it with -v I get a success
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