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Don't auto provision when there's a note


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11 minutes ago, Kian said:

In PreModuleCreate hook point run a query to detect if there's a note. If the note can't be found, send abortcmd => true to stop the provisioning.

p.s. There are better ways to prevent bots from placing orders

Thanks, could you provide me with more exact instructions? I'm new to this haha.
And it's not for bots, I just want to leave the order for manual review if the customer wants something custom/special.

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Begin by creating a file named as you prefer (eg. AbortCreate.php) in includes/hooks directory. The content of this file should be the following:


use WHMCS\Database\Capsule;

add_hook('PreModuleCreate', 1, function($vars)
    $Data = Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT t1.notes FROM tblorders AS t1 LEFT JOIN tblhosting AS t2 ON t1.id = t2.orderid WHERE t2.id = "' . $vars['params']['serviceid'] . '" AND t2.orderid != "0"'));

    if ($Data[0]->notes)
        return array('abortcmd' => true);

Everytime Create function triggers, this hook looks for notes in the order. If the order has a note, it returns abortcmd true. This will stop the auto-provisioning of WHMCS. Keep in mind that you need further changes to my basic example. In fact unless at some point you remove the notes from the order, the script will keep aborting the provisioning.

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