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Livehehelp Addon and CORS problem

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I wanted to do a question. I am using the Livehelp Module (Chatstack) and i have a problem for load the chat in the main website. I have this setup:

WHMCS and Addon: https://my.example.com

Main Site: https://www.example.com

When i add the livehelp script in the website, it doesn't work correctly because CORS policy.  If i leave it as default it says:

"No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource"

But then if i set Access-Control-Allow-Origin to "https://www.example.com" in https://my.lomahost.com .htaccess, it works a few moments, but then another error come back:

"The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header contains multiple values 'https://www.example.com, https://www.example.com'"

So, the script at some point, is adding header again and is duplicated but i can't know when and how because is encrypted....

Is there some way to fix it? Is possible to make the chat work int this way? I hava tried lots of options and ways without success.

Thank you,



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I was able to fix the issue. Just in case someone has a similar problem, what I added:

Header always unset Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Before setting the header in the .htaccess. Important the always or doesn't work in my case.



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same problem but now i am using  tawk.to  it's easy and free and also best product

i recommended use tawk.to 

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