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  1. I was able to fix the issue. Just in case someone has a similar problem, what I added: Header always unset Access-Control-Allow-Origin Before setting the header in the .htaccess. Important the always or doesn't work in my case. Regards.
  2. Hello, I wanted to do a question. I am using the Livehelp Module (Chatstack) and i have a problem for load the chat in the main website. I have this setup: WHMCS and Addon: https://my.example.com Main Site: https://www.example.com When i add the livehelp script in the website, it doesn't work correctly because CORS policy. If i leave it as default it says: "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource" But then if i set Access-Control-Allow-Origin to "https://www.example.com" in https://my.lomahost.com .htaccess, it works a few moments, but then another error come back: "The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header contains multiple values 'https://www.example.com, https://www.example.com'" So, the script at some point, is adding header again and is duplicated but i can't know when and how because is encrypted.... Is there some way to fix it? Is possible to make the chat work int this way? I hava tried lots of options and ways without success. Thank you, regards.
  3. Hello, I am trying to sync the WHMCS hosting accounts limits in the cPanel servers. In WHMCS I have created a plan. I have selected cPanel module and configured the package limits (disk, transfer, domains) without "WHM Package Name". I assigned an account to these plan, but now I want to update the cPanel account limits from WHMCS (according the WHMCS plan settings). How can I do this? I have tried the "Change Package" module command, but it doesnt work. It says "Sorry you must select a new package!", so i guess the WHMCS package needs to have a "WHM Package Name" for run the commmand. Is there some way to sync the WHMCS account limits with WHM without create the packages in WHM? Any help is welcome! Thank you. Regards.
  4. Hi all, I wanted to know if someone had a problem like this before. Some days ago i migrate a WHMCS installation (a merge) into mine. From there, my WHMCS do somethings wierds, including this two problems, related to tickets. 1) This happes when someone open a ticket. After a new ticket is open, I start replying it just few minutes later. When i click the te button for send the reply. it asks if i am sure i want to reply it because this changed the status before because probably another staff member has replied it. But none replied it! 2) Aditional to it, i have setted for close automaticaly tickets after 72 hours of inactivity... and they are not closing now. The daily cronjob is running but tickets are not closing. I have tickets 7 or 8 days old that don't close. I wanted to know if someone had experience with it, the tickets part looks totally crazy right now. Additional to it, is there some way to see the tickets status changes log or something? Lets says, a ticket goes to closed, how can i see when it happened or who did it? Any help is appreciated, Thank you, regards.
  5. Hi bitmng, basically what i did, was add in each language file (php file) at the end of the file, the following: if($_SESSION['Language']!="english"){ include(dirname(__FILE__).'/'.$_SESSION['Language'].'.php'); } Where: $_SESSION['Language'] is the language i have seted with the language i want, but whmcs is not using and "english" is the language of the current language file (ex. english.php) where i added the code... "spanish" for spanish.php, and all like this. In this way, this overwrites the $_LANG var with the right language. Regards.
  6. Thank you for your answer, is clear now. Regards!
  7. Hello, I didn't find some correct solution at all. I made if can be helpful for you, a homemade solution that works at least a little. In every language file (in the lang directory), before set the array of language, i ask if these file is the same than the language i have setted. If is not, I don't let continue the script in these file, and i include the right one. Was the most advanced that came to my mind. Regards!
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to see if someone know about it. I need to do a mass update in all the prices (current active services), and I checked a time ago this module (Bulk Pricing Updater) in dev enviroment, and worked fine. The problem is that now i see 2 versions of the module: "Legacy Module" and "2.0". There is some diference betwen they both? Wich one is the right one to use? Thank you in advance for any help , regards!
  9. Hi all, i have a question and i wanted to see if someone have some hint about it. I have a multi-language site, and i am trying to change the WHMCS (integrated inside) language, through source code. I was able to do it before, idk really how (there is not much documentation) but the problem is that stopped working. After much try, what i did before, was when someone changed the language of the website, force all in WHMCS for use these language, for example: if($idiomaActual=="es") $_SESSION["language"]="Spanish"; where $idiomaActual is my site language. What i did, was call in my "header.tpl" this functions, that check the language, setted the session variable (that is setted all the time, outside WHMCS too) and all was working fine. Then stopped working (WHMCS update was in the middle too). After much tries, i can't get it working again. I have tried setting: $_SESSION["language"] $_SESSION["Language"] (in case is case-sensitive problem) $language (defined as global) But the WHMCS doesn't change the language. Both (site and WHMCS) are in the same domain, so is not session scope problem. I was debbuging the site, and i figured that all the vars (session and local) are correctly setted after all the page loads, so is not some reset problem or similar. If someone has some hint about how to fix it, or if there is some correct way to implement this, i will be very happy . Thank you, regards!
  10. Thank you for reply. My ticket number is #324323. Anyway, you don't need to run. lol Regards!
  11. Hi all, does someone know if they are aswering tickets? I opened one yesterday at this hour (earlier), with "High" urgency, and i haven't some response yet. Maybe they are too bussy, and i don't want to annoy they . Thank you, regards!
  12. Very sad news . Thank you for reply, regards.
  13. Look at your css: table.frame { margin:0 0 10px; padding:0; border:1px solid #EBEBEB; border-bottom:0; } table.frame table td { border-bottom:1px solid #EBEBEB; } table.frame table td.fieldarea { color:#12c9cb; text-align:right; border-right:1px solid #EBEBEB; } Check if isn't this section, wich is making the border. Regards
  14. Hi all, before all, sorry if this isn't the right place for post it. If is not, please, move it. I am trying to do a thing, i wanted to know if is there some way for do that. Now, i have in my WHMCS as base currency, USD (because above me, is all in USD). As second currency, i have ARS (because where i more sell, is in Argentina), with a fixed exchange rate (for not change every day, the prices of the products, and because i can keep the prices for a long time). Now my question: I have a product, that i only want to sell in USD. Is there some way (some custom setting, mod, plugin, or similar) that let me do that? If i don't set the price in the other currencies, the product is not available for these customers that don't have USD as currency (the most part). For what i see, doesn't look like if the core supports this, but only in case, i ask for see if i can fix it. Thank you in advance, any comment is welcome, Regards
  15. Ahi lo compre, lo instale, y pinta bien. Ahora tengo una duda acerca del callback , en Dineromail (en la url del IPN) ingresamos la direccion del WHMCS como lo hacemos con Paypal? Funcionara de esta manera? Ya con esto pruebo el ciclo completo. Saludos!
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