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Enquiry on renaming the URL to more SEO friendly

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Dear All,

I have tried to edit from .htaccess file for the below 5 gids products to rename the URL , the renaming URL works however the group products always point to Europe (https://<removed at posters request>.com/client/cart.php?gid=1). May I know how WHMCS structure works? which file can I edit ?

I have attached Europe_VPS.JPG , the URL renaming is correct (the original url is<removed at posters request>it points correctly to Europe cart.
I have attached USA_VPS.JPG , the URL renaming is correct (the original url is <removed at posters request>however it points incorrectly to Europe cart.

.Htaccess File

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^gid=1
RewriteRule ^(.*)$<removed at posters request>

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^gid=2
RewriteRule ^(.*)<removed at posters request>Thank you


Edited by WHMCS ChrisD
URL removed at posters request

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Even without your rewrite, the direct URLs: <URL removed at posters request>

point all to the same target.

The issue is that your https://<URL removed at posters request>.com/client/cart.php?whatever does not work, and so point to<URL removed at posters request> (which is the default, ignoring the following parameter ?whatever )

How did you set up these URLs?


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Dear Remitur,

We engaged a web designer to setup our website thus Im not sure how to go about.

From my understand, the products items table press is using  CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grid. 

For example, I click on one product, the link is a href="https://<URL removed at posters request>.com/client/cart.php?a=add&pid=1&configoption[1]=1" class="sign_up radius3">USD26.88

however it bring me to <URL removed at posters request>   When I tried to click on another product, it bring me to <URL removed at posters request>, the number keep changing based on running number.


Any advise for me to check how does this setup?

I tried to get answer from my web designer (vendor) however there is no reply from them for weeks

Thank you


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