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I'm currently hosting a Tekkit (Minecraft) server which is decently populated and I'm looking into getting a more professional way to handle donations & payments. Currently just using the basic SMF Subscription payments which get's a little confusing for both me & the customers, one because i have to work out who paid if the customer doesn't enter their details fully, and secondly because the customer has to wait upon me joining the server and giving them whatever it is they paid for.


Reason why I'm here is because I'd like to know if there is currently a module for such thing, so that when somebody pays on the billing portal (WHMCS) it's all done automatically and they can instantly go into their gaming account to find their items in their inventory.

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Lot of years ago I had a Game Service Provider company therefore my information could be a little outdated.

I was using TCAdmin to run all my game servers including Minecraft. The auto-provisioning was possible thanks to TCAdmin server module. People order from WHMCS, pay and instantly get their service.

It's possible to get the same result also with other game hosting panels but as far as I know TCAdmin is (was?) the only one with a plug & play integration.

Alternatively if you don't want to spend money for an additional control panel, you can code your own server module. In the end you just need to create .bat files (if on Windows but with Linux is the same) to run/stop your Minecraft servers.

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