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Any tips for adding existing Helm customers?


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Hi all,


I've just started to use WHMCS and it seems pretty good I think I'm almost ready to start manually adding in my Helm 3 customers to WHMCS.


I'm planing on doing the following.


1. Adding the customer details into WHCMS

2. Adding the existing helm package to the customer order screen (but will not send any emails)

3. Add the domain in

4. match the billing details and date


Once all the customers are in I would then like to send out a bulk email to all customers notifying them of the new system and of course their login details for WHCMS.


I have a feeling if I add them manually into Whcms it will try and create the stuff in helm again?


If anyone has any tips for getting existing customers fromhelm3 into whcms that would be great.




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I have a feeling if I add them manually into Whcms it will try and create the stuff in helm again?

Unless you ticket "run create module" after the order it will not create any account in the server


I too am interested in any advice on how to get my existing HELM 3 (with billing) clients added into WHMCS most efficiently


awardle steps can be ok, but billing will be handled by whmcs and i dont think there is a way you migrate (other than manually) the billing information such as CC numbers, etc.

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Hope everyone is having a great Xmas, I moved over to WHMCS Billing from helm about three years ago now, in the end I manually created all my customers in WHMCS and then created the packages / domains for each customer by directly inputting the data into the mysql database, as I was not 100% sure about the recreation process etc.


The process took a long time for me to complete but at the end of it I was quite happy as I knew all my customer data was up to date.


Three years later and there is no looking back WHMCS has been a great time saver for my business.



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