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  1. Hi there, anyone know if there is any other variable for subscriptions id {$invoice_subscription_id} but to pick it up from the domains Subscription ID field? Im using {$invoice_subscription_id} but is showing only when is a service (hosting) not a domain. Thanx in advance!
  2. plusplushosting

    Marketplace translation 2

    There is a great thread at but now looks like was closed down by the community admin as i cant reply there so im opening this one..... First want to thanx to Brian, he always come with great solutions and posts and to wp4all for the posts there, very useful. 1st question, on that thread the last posts is the MarketConnect HomePagePanels Translate Hook, is there any way to extend it to the Product details panel hook...i see the SiteLock hook on that section too and had hardcoded text 😞 2nd question. any way to translate the text showing in the page /store/ssl-certificates/manage? (im not finding any "manage.tpl in that path), specially the table titles there. (Domain, SSL Product, etc) Thanx in advance!
  3. plusplushosting

    Marketplace translation 2

    Great! Thanx Brian!
  4. plusplushosting

    Marketplace translation 2

    Thanx very much Brian! Wondering if is any way to remove html code using the same hook? perhaps find a string between tags or something and remove it? As you can see that padlock image has a "width" value and is increasing ridiculously the icon size, simply removing the width value will turn into a normal size icon. Yea i know...modify the template...the problem is, is not in the template (that block is a variable inserted in the template)
  5. AMEN to this! Lets add some pepper to the discussion...why we are using CURL to detect this? Based in the quoted explanation from, Vox above is completely useless.....why WHMCS which already has access to the server and know where the domain is hosted (in the case of the padlocks in the Services section) is not checking if the SSL is installed for that domain in the server exist and is valid or not? (through cpanel API). The detailed situation by Vox above make sense, clients are being confused....even more clients who have domains half hosted (i mean when clients have managed the DNS to point A records somewhere else, MX locally or the inverse) keep alone those padlocks showing green when the cert is not valid for the domain (curl Error 51) which is returning with a green padlock.
  6. Sorry to post this way as im unable to reply to the post I did this and now im a bit lost as i see clients that are able to renew in advance.....perhaps the Renew button is showing anyway before X days from the expiry date? They are being able to simply order the renewal and the system is using the base price. Please help!!! hahahaha Thanx!
  7. Thanx! yes the hook is working 😞 im using 7.7.1 Ill do some other testing with the Six template just in case this is something specific with the theme...which could be a bit odd
  8. Hi Brian, Why do you need a window!? You can see the life through a screen 🙂 Unfortunately something is not working as it not passing the registrar variable in the array. I did add {debug} in the template and there isn't any variable in the array for the registrar name (registrarmodule). Thanx!
  9. What will be the difference to write 1000 hooks or 1001 🙂 ? Thanx again man!...as you can see you cant take vacations....nor taste such things like a "sun" or odd stuff like that 🙂
  10. plusplushosting

    Marketplace translation 2

    Hi Brian, hope you have took some fresh air under the sun 🙂 attached the screenshot... Yes!! Thanx...i was trying to find it into the store/ssl folder.....jezz...i wasnt expecting we have to deal with Six templates with hardcoded text too 😞 Thanx very much!
  11. Hi guys, i have enabled sitelock (marketconnect) and im done customizing it but im not seeing any default welcome email template.....do it create it when you enable it? Thanx in advance!
  12. ok, got it working....whmcs is converting the logic operator && to &&
  13. ok....for some reason sitelock is not picking up the text from the email template....is this any bug? Is sending a default text that im not finding from where is picking it up. Thanx!
  14. Yea...a piece of cake :-).....for a developer ...is Chinese for me, hahahaha.....any chance to give me at least a base code to work with it? Thanx again Brian!
  15. ok, im back...hahaha...is there any way to have the following variable from the classes available as a variable in the domain-renewal.tpl? $registrarModuleName Thanx!
  16. Hi guys! Im looking for a hook that trigger a message sent to each Active clients when there is a new announcement post. I have two languages so if is possible have in both languages (depending if the client is set to default/language A o language B will be great. The message shouldnt be the announcement itself, just something like "hey, there is a new announcement, please check your client area at https.....". If it can use the templates great, if not a hardcoded text can work too. Thanx in advance!
  17. yup, is what i did, unfortunately as i have it set as automated email is a pain remove the translation every time.....the logic would be whmcs disable the translation in the rss file for the pubdate at least, anyway....we are full of "workarounds" with whmcs 🙂 Thanx Brian!
  18. no, i have the spanish file with the dates translated into it: e.g $_LANG['dateTime']['mon'] = "Mon"; to $_LANG['dateTime']['mon'] = "Lun"; Then when you pas the rss url with the spanish tag in the url mailchimp is getting the translated date.
  19. Hi Brian, i already have /annoucements/rss?language=spanish....but as i have translated the english.php language and the date (months, weekdays) are translated in spanish, the rss feed is getting those translated info, not recognizing the date. keep in mind i have two lists...one for english, passing /annoucements/rss?language=englsih and one for spanish passing /annoucements/rss?language=spanish Thanx!
  20. This was working great...until i have updated the spanish language file and changed the days of the week and months to the spanish one.....as far as i see rss is using the pubdate tag with the translated text and mailchimp rss is not recognizing it....any way to force the date in the pubdate in the rss be only in english format no matter if the announcement is post in different language? or any file to edit for the rss feed? Thanx!
  21. Yeah, i just left that theme only so i guess will be ok. Thanx again! and sorry for the wasted time.
  22. Thanx very much for your time! It continue as is.....i removed the tpl file to have a solution....im not sure why is not working in my installation. Thanx again!
  23. Thanx! yup, is what i did before.... $templatefile Origin: "Smarty object" Value "domain-renewals" 7.6.1 Thanx Brian!

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