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Anyone running WHMCS 7.5 on IIS / Windows? Mind posting any special settings you have?


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Disclaimer: I'm fully aware that WHMCS is no longer officially supported on Windows/IIS. This post is for unofficial discussion of the topic among a niche group of users only.

The last thread I could find on IIS was from 2016. Anyone here still running WHMCS on IIS, especially the latest version?

I'm currently running Wordpress flawlessly on Windows Server 2016/IIS 10. Just ordered WHMCS to manage a small IT service business (possibly adding private hosting services for in-house customers down the road). I'd really like to have WHMCS hosted on the same server for ease of management and backup. I do not mind some small quirks or a couple of features not working, as I won't even be using most of the hosting related features anyway including the domain name checker referenced in the 2016 post. 

If you're still running WHMCS on IIS, do you mind posting the latest known issues you have, as well as any special configurations, including those related to URL rewrite, web.config and php.ini, that you use to make it work for you?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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only thing I get is "Backup File Generation Failed" from db dump cron job.  Everything else seems to work fine.  I am looking into what might be causing it. I recently upgraded to 7.5 and it was a template file that gave me a Oops something went wrong message when I first tried to start WHMCS with php 7.2.3.  After getting the latest template updates it was fine after then.  

Most crons work fine for me or at least it says they completed successfully.   Anything that has to do with making a backup for the DB doesn't seem to work.  I use other tools currently to make sure I have good backup copies of all DB's such as MySQL and MS SQL 2016.

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