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Overage billing automation for custom module product

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Hello guys,

I looked up community site and WHMCS documentation, but could not solve my problem.

I already read these docs.

Could you let me know how I can solve this ?

Case is like the following,

custom_provisioning_module - talk to a server
foo_product (pro-rata, service can start any day )
  - custom_provisioning_module (assigned)
  - configurable options [DATA]
    - 100GB($50)
    - 500GB($70)
    excess data charge $1/GB

A customer purchased foo_product, service period(16/Mar/2018 ~ 15/Apr/2018)
A customer used 150GB(150-100=50GB excess) until 15/Apr/2018
How can I update invoice for overage billing automation ?
Please let me know what the best practice is.

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