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Two factor Authentication?

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The hosting industry has learned the hard way (for some) that SSL certificates are "necessary" and must be free to improve the overall Internet among other reasons.

It would appear that WHMCS's holding on to charging for two-factor authentication follows the same wrong thinking.

You folks at WHMCS need to take on the mantle of security and give everyone open access to two-factor authentication "now".

This hold out to make a few bucks on security is frankly sickening.
We need to give everyone as secure an experience as possible hosting wise.

And I do believe that WHMCS forcing people to charge for login authentication, like SSL, is simply thinking too small. I know you guys are better than this.

Sure make your few dollars on the duo thing. No one begrudges you on making a few bucks on more features.

But seriously, let's get out of the stone ages and think 2020 security. Give our customers open access to secure their accounts out-of-the box, without having to jump through hoops or "pay a toll" to be secure.

It's simply the right thing to do.

What say you?

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