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Help with built in affiliate system


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We have been trying to use the built-in Affiliate system but have run across a number of questions. We have navigated through all the videos and docs we could find like "https://docs.whmcs.com/Affiliates" but they are outdated, to say the least. The primary issue is how to manage payouts on the summary screen for an affiliate. For example, we have an affiliate who should be getting 10% from the reoccurring amounts of his clients and the system is only showing his commissions total as $10.00 when it should be much higher. Also, it shows that he has 11 pending commissions that are all marked $0.00 and we don't understand why because the client has paid their bill and the commissions should not be $0.00. 

We aren't sure if maybe there is a setting we are missing or if there is a bug in the system but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It could be, you have crons incorrectly setup. Those commission payouts usually happen once each day and I've always had great success with the affiliate tool myself. It's not perfect but it is powerful and works well. The documentation, I've read, is always outdated, though the affiliate part is really helpful and updated. Maybe re-read the docs and getting started guide as well as crons page.


Be sure to re-visit the product / service page and double-check that one tab that specifies how much affiliate commission will be given. Setup > Product/Services > Edit > Other tab

If you have 11 $0 commissions, it's because you didn't set something up correctly. Retrace and revist everything and start from scratch. You can solve this problem!!


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We've noticed there are a couple clients with the wrong affiliate on them but I don't see a spot to take the assigned affiliate off. Can i not change it? Also, does anyone know how long the pending commissions are pending? We assumed they are pending until that client pays their bill but we aren't sure. 

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