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After clean migration to a new server (VPS) very slow load

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I've migrated a clean WHMCS 7.4 to a new server running plesk onyx 17.5.3 centos7.

This server is clean as well and planned to be dedicated for WHMCS. The whmcs got only 2 clients (tests) and a brand new design we created.

Server is 16GB Ram, 4 cores, 160SSD, Reversed NGINX + Apache.

I can't understand the problem, the loading time is huge, takes 30 seconds to load login. Confirmed it in pingdom pagespeed test.

I tried to disable modules (got only 2), theme... didn't help

Please help me, how can I determine the problem?

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Have you considered that the issue might not be with WHMCS itself, but with your network? Add a html page (very simple) to your whmcs install, is that loading slowly as well? If so, then it's your network, not WHMCS itself

Additionally, have you optimized MySQL at all? This may be part of the issue

As well, if you're using CloudLinux (which works on Plesk), make sure you've got reasonable settings there as well. Default can be a bit limiting for I/O and speed

Failing all that, you may want to have a server administrator look over your server, make sure all is well and good

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