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Invoice list - description?



Hi, I have been trying WHMCS out today after migrating my data from AWBS. I currently have around 10 unpaid invoices for 1 user in the system, since all these invoices have the same customer name it is pretty much impossible to tell what they all are for at a glance.


Also for some reason the system has decided to generate new invoices for a bunch of sites in pending and which had already been paid for this user so now I have around 30 invoices for the 1 user and sorting out which ones are valid and which ones need to go is going to be very very long winded since the invoice ids mean nothing to me.


Is there no way to show the domain for web hosting accounts on the invoice list? Without the invoice desciption or domain listed this is going to take me forever to sort out :(

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Also, under Products/Services for a user on the tab for each hosting account having a list of all invoices associated with that account would be perfect, could see at a glance the invoice history etc for a particular domain instead of everything only being lumped under the user account with only an id for distinguishing between them.

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You do realise you can view the contents of each invoice one-click from the invoice list, and if you hold down CTRL before you click on them all you can see them all at the same time :D


Not a perfect solution, but might help.


No its not possible to show the domain on he invoice list as an invoice might be for multiple domains or multiple hosting accounts - you might find querying the tblinvoiceitems table directly might be quicker


As a suggestion to WHMCS having an "expand" button on the invoice list to show not just a summary of the inoices, but also the item lines on those invoices all from the 1 screen sould make it a lot easier to use on clients with multiple invoices.

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