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Developer Required: Finalise front-end integration of WHMCS




We've built a WordPress & WHMCS integration based upon a design and wireframe, but are needing some assistance with finalising the details of the WHMCS system and better integrating it with WordPress and the design itself (to be supplied) based upon the wireframes so that we can fine tune the user experience to some of the more advanced features


We don't have enough experience with the finer details of WHMCS and require a development team to complete the project for us and improve the integration to WordPress. I'm hoping to be able to have this completed by the 10th of May, if at all possible. We've done a lot of the styling and implementation already, this is fine tuning.


Looking for submissions and proposals based upon timings, costs, expertise and portfolios of previous work.


My expectations for the job are:


* Overall project management from start to finish to complete the task on deadline. You won't be micromanaged, but we'll expect updates to make sure we're on track and progressing well (it's a tight deadline)

* Make a call up front if you're not able to complete the job, so we can find someone else. There's no hard feelings if you're not able to, but we can't afford to be let down half way through.

* Solid knowledge of the intricacies of WHMCS and advanced customisation - this would be far more than header/footer service.


Let's chat.

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