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Have WHMCS? Get notified with WHMCS Notifications Extended!

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In today's world of 'instant messaging', 'instant everything', email gets often left in the dust, forgotten about, caught in spam filters, or just flat out never, ever delivered. Wouldn't it be just great if there was a replacement? A way to ensure that staff and clients get properly notified of things? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to hear the excuse


I never got the email


from your clients again?


Well, with WHMCS Notifications Extended, this is all entirely possible. Not only can you directly notify clients, but you can directly notify staff of critical events. Take control over your WHMCS notifications today, stop relying on email, start sending messages and ensuring that they get through. Here's just a quick overview of what WHMCS Notifications Extended can do for you


For your clients:

Messages can be sent via




For your staff:

Messages can be sent via


All that said, what exactly does WHMCS Notifications Extended do? Well, the approach is different, for whether you're a staff, admin, or client..


For clients:

Notifications can be configured and sent for

  • Ticket replies
  • Service Suspension
  • Service Unsuspension
  • Service Termination
  • Cancellation Requests
  • Invoice Creation
  • Invoice Paid
  • Invoice Refunds
  • Invoice Late Fees



For staff:

Notifications can be configured and sent for

  • Ticket replies (from client)
  • New tickets
  • Ticket assignment
  • Ticket Notes (if staff is admin, or assigned to a ticket)
  • Service Suspension
  • Service Unsuspension
  • Service Termination
  • Cancellation Requests
  • Invoice Creation
  • Invoice Paid
  • Invoice Refunds
  • Invoice Late Fees
  • Fraud Orders (nowhere does WHMCS notify you about this at all)


For admins (superuser level staff):

Notifications can be configured for all staff related things, plus

  • Service Deleted
  • User Deleted
  • Domain Deleted
  • Addon Deleted
  • Order Deleted
  • Client Deleted


WHMCS Notifications Extended also introduces a new feature for all staff, which has never been found in WHMCS... Ticket Nags... How does it work? If your client opens up a ticket, or replies to a ticket, which is not replied to in X period of time, then alerts are fired off to the appropriate channels and staff. This is, as with everything, configurable per staff member, per department, and per channel. Never again will you hear the excuse "I missed the email" from your staff. They will receive up to five separate alerts (configurable at different times) telling them they need to address the issue. When they address the issue, the 'nag' gets removed, and when the client replies, the 'nag' is then reset. This ensures that your clients will receive speedy service, no matter what!

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Today, I'm happy to announce that WHMCS Notify Extended 1.5 is available for download.

Some key features of 1.5:


  1. PHP 7 support is finally here.
  2. Expanded Telegram and Pushalot support
  3. Ryver support is now official
  4. Configuration settings are now encrypted
  5. Check all enabled for support department alerts
  6. Mass enable for alert configurations
  7. No more javascript popup (now bootbox)
  8. Misc SMS bugfixes
  9. Invoice reminder notification (staff and clients)
  10. Domain renewal reminder notification (staff and clients)
  11. Nags now run on a different cron (not when the page is called)
  12. Language overhaul
  13. Misc libraries added


This release has been quite a bit coming, but due to the configuration rewrite had to be postponed until it could be 100% solid. Still, I very strongly advise you take a backup of your WHMCS database before upgrading! This is very , very important.




If you are upgrading from a previous version, you will need to remove your old cron entry and update it, following the instructions provided here. Make sure you move the 'crons' directory to where you store your crons, if that's separate from WHMCS.


As always, if you see problems, please do let us know by opening a ticket! We'll get on fixing those as quickly as we can!

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