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I am running the free trial.


I have set up a package for automatic account creation after first payment.


When an order is placed the account is automatically set up is WHM/cPanel but the cPanel welcome email is not sent. (I selected the cPanel welcome email in the package set-up.)


A welcome email is sent but it just gives the customer's WHMCS username and password.


Why is the cPanel welcome email not being sent?

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I've been playing around some more and noticed that the accounts are listed as pending in whmcs, even though the account is automatically created in cPanel. When I manually activate the account, the welcome ('New Account Information') email is sent.


So the question is now: How do you automatically *activate* hosting accounts in WHMCS?

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look at the product/services section in your Admin -> Configuration -> Products/Services


in the product list click to edit the product.


then click on Server Settings tab


you will have some radio buttons:

-Automatically create the account as soon as an order is placed

-Automatically create the account as soon as the first payment is received

-Automatically create the account when you manually accept a pending order

-Do not automatically setup this account


check the one that suits you.

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Thanks for your reply.


I'm already doing this (see my original post).


The problem is:

I have set up the package for automatic activation after payment. New accounts paid for via Paypal are being automatically created in cPanel, but in WHMCS they appear as 'pending'. I have to manually activate them before the 'New Account Information' is sent.

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i also have packages set to be automatically created upon successful payment.


but the orders still need to be accepted on WHMCS.


the gateway doens't interact with the orders, only with the invoices, packages, etc, but not with the order status. but the email does get sent.


i think you just have to manually accept it.

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