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Invoices to print instead of email?


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I have a few clients who cannot use email (yeah, I know,,, )


I need to print and snail-mail their invoices.


I am looking for a good way to do this. I thought about having their invoices all emailed to an account I would create for the purpose, but WHMCS won't allow multiple clients to share a single email address. I can get past this with forwarders, but thought I'd ask how others solve this.




Thanks - Bill

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Well, yeah -- but I was looking for something that didn't require that I scan dozens of invoices pending payment and look for ones that I remember are to be printed.

I still don't understand, Click invoice # then printable version then file print? Or use the download link to dload the pdf and print?

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Sorry -- my message wasn't clear. I am not looking for the ability to print the invoices, but rather some flag that a particular invoice needs to be printed.


There are a small number of clients who must get their invoices by paper mail. I need to print these off and send them by postal mail when they are ready.


If I were using Quickbooks, for example, I would get an alert saying that there were invoices to be printed, for clients who receive email that way. Then I would be presented with a list of invoices ready to be printed, with the ability to uncheck any that I didn't want to print, and a "print all" button that would do just that. Each client record has a preference setting for emailed or printed invoices, and the software generates the appropriate form.


The vast majority of WHMCS users don't need that, I suspect. But I am looking for a solution other than scanning through dozens of WHMCS invoices listed on the home page and trying to recall which clients needed paper invoices mailed to them, and which ones I did yesterday so I don't repeat those.

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