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Problems crediting a client with monies paid :(


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I have a client with several outstanding invoices - he has sent me a cheque for £1,000 to credit to his account.


From what I can tell I can either a) Enter this as a credit via the summary page for the client or b) enter the full amount paid on the oldest invoice, thereby creating a credit on the account.


I have done the later, which has given him £975.00 credit.


So far so good :)


However I go to the next oldest invoice and select apply credit from the credit tab. This tells me correctly that the client has £975.00 credit.


I enter the amount of the invoice £76.38 into the box and try to apply the credit by clicking 'add', thereby marking the invoice as paid and reduce the amount of credit.


However all I get is an error saying ' An Error Occured

You cannot add more credit than the invoice total'


What am I doing wrong?

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Mind you I have noticed that the amount due figure on the list of invoices reduces to 0.00 (which makes sense) - so raises two questions...


1) Why does amount due not go to 0.00 on other invoices that have been paid individually by a cheque?


2) With this column at 0.00 is it going to muck up any other reports.


I am just concerned with situations where a client pays a lump sum to clear off some of his invoices.

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When the user pays the large amount and you add that, the transaction is there and it's the full amount of say £1000 in your example. So then when other invoices, there are no furthur transactions made, it's using payments you already have so the invoice total is set to zero. The transactions is logged on the initial invoice so adding a transaction for an invoice when using credit would mean double counting which is why it's done this way.



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