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GoCardless - Anyone using v1.1.0 module with success?


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I see there has been a lot of discussion about GoCardless in previous years, however, i've not seen much since the last module was released by GoCardless - v1.1.0 - in Feb 2014.




I know WHMCS no longer supports GoCardless with their own module, but the v1.1 module was developed by GoCardless and it is used instead of the WHMCS module.


Is anyone using this with success? Did the new module resolve all the problems reported prior to its release?


Alternatively, if anyone has developed a module for GoCardless, i'd be interested and willing to pay for it!


Thanks in advance.

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We have been using the module for a few years and it continues to work today. There was a bug that we found that either impacted the cron or callback, I forget precisely but it was relatively easily fixed. The problem we encountered way back was that it used the service level subscription ID field rather than client level which meant it could not be used flexibly, again this is relatively easily fixed and I think I saw a fork that includes the same type of fix that we applied.


The other issue we encountered was due to the non real time nature of the Direct Debit. We wanted to make sure we were paid by the due date not after but since WHMCS only allows a single 'bill X days before due' option we developed an action hook to automate it so gocardless payments are captured earlier to allow processing time. The Capture payment API call returns a Success/Fail response, there is no 'pending' state, so the gocardless module returns a fail which triggers a 'payment failed' email when it hadn't - this is clearly not acceptable and causes customer confusion. It is possible to overcome these incorrect 'payment failed' emails again using action hooks.


I was going to release the fixes we implemented some time ago but got shouted down in a thread on here some time ago when explaining we had fixed the problems so the code was never tidied / posted. I'm afraid I have no plans to make the fixes available b ut my tips are....


1. There is a bug that causes the cron or maybe call back to fail. I can recall fixing it but cannot remember where but seem to recall it was towards the end of the callback code.

2. Actions Hooks are you friend, use them to run the capture API 'early' and to suppress the incorrect 'payment failed' messages.


I remember spending 2 - 3 hours to fix the issues so there is nothing major, despite this the basic code from Gocardless does work.


The other point to consider is v6 compatibility. I suspect it will be fine as there are no templates and v1.10 includes the change to init.php.



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Thank you so much for your feedback - and taking the time to write such a detailed response.


I'm really interested in making this module work, and your tips have headed me in the right direction.


I'm going to run with 10 clients, then work it out from there. I kind of need the problem to occur so I can get on with fixing them, thanks again!

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