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Paypal (Payment procssed accepted)


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I do not know if this is a possible bug or some sort of exploit. The past 2 weeks I have seen this increase alot . I will try to explain in details. I have seen 4 cases this week of products marked paid when it was not.


1) Customer orders product > Paypal confirms payment > Product looks like its marked paid. Customer request refund > We refund payment inside WHMCS> So money was refunded . I confirmed inside paypal . A Week later Paypal emails that the trasnaction has failed and payment was not processed. The customer now has money sent to them and we never got the payment. (This was an Echeck that was makred paid.)


2) Customer has auto subscription who been with us for about 3 years . Customer contacts us that the paypal payment might fail because he changed the bank account. That day it showed the payment was made on WHMCS so did paypal. A week later payment was rejected clearly we know why but the product was still marked paid. (This was a subscription payment marked paid)


Don't know if this is your issue (mine) or Paypal.

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Some further investigation may be possible - specifically looking at the gateway log to see if the paypal callback is being interpreted in some way - my short analysis is that you are speaking about is fundamentally a paypal problem. They need to be able to show you if the check has actually gone through or not. That way you can make more informed choices about the request for a refund or about the customer who changed their bank account.


If you want our team to review gateway logs and see if there is more we can do, opening a support ticket is the best bet. If you want to hear from our community if this is becoming more and more of a problem or want advice on the best way to work with paypal in instances like this, posting in the main technical issues forum is the proper place. The bug forum really is for issues in our software, that can be described with clear reproduction steps.


I have moved this thread to the main technical issues and questions forum, where it will get more views and increase the chances of getting feedback from our community here.


Have a great day,


Nate C

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