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Abuce Center V.1.0

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Abuse Center is an addon that is necessary for any web hosting company that wants to have a well organised system for client's abuses.


There are 2 versions of the addon: Basic & Plus (example of plus version is screenshot: abuse-center-6).


Basic Version.

The admin creates unlimited abuse types, for example, phising site, hacked site, server abuse e.t.c.

The admin creates the abuse issue for the client, manually.

The statuses of the abuse issue are: open issue, resolved, unresolved.

The admin decides when creating an abuse issue, if he will notify via email the client about it. There are various strategies here: for example, a web hosting company wants only to have a very organized list of abuses, so the system is used only for internal use between the admins. The admins will be able to search for abuses via inteligence search, or see in a client product all active abuses of this spesific client or also have a short or full list of all abuses in all clients.


The second strategy is to apply the "abuce center" in the frontend client area. This way, the client, after notified by email, will be able to go in his client area and check active abuses and abuses history. NOTE: This is not a ticket system, so the client is not able to answer in the abuse system. Our research while developing the addon showed us that if we let the client answer in the abuse system, then this would make it confusing for the client with the default ticket system. It would be like there are 2 ticket systems, which is defenetily not the point of this addon.


Also: the admin is able to define which email account will be used for each abuse type. For example, content abuse issues, could be sent via: abuse@mywebhosting.com and server resources abuse issues could be sent via: server-monitoring@mywebhosting.com

All email templates, for each abuse type you create, can be predefined and ready for future use.


When the client take spesific actions to solve the issue, he informes the admins. Then the admins can update the issue and/or close the issue as resolved.


Further than the mannual abuse types and issues, we have also added, for Cpanel Server only, a MySql size abuse type.

This works 100% automaticly. The admin chooses the servers to be monitored and also for each hosting product, the spesific limit of mysql size.

When an account of a clients, hits the limits, the abuse issue is opened automaticly, the report is sent to client. With the use of a cron job, if client takes actions to lower the Mysql size, then the abuse issue, is closed automaticly (Resolved) without the need of an admin manual action.



Abuse Center Plus Version.


This version was made for the needs of our company, but we decided to take it publicly. The important point here is that this version uses the 1h.com HIVE product, for server monitoring and optimization.

In other words, think of this version, ONLY if you use 1h hive.

What this version does is that it monitors the CPU executions of each website of each client.

The admins can put limits of cpu executions for each product and server. If the client catches the limit, then automaticly, the system creates a "CPU EXECUTIONS ABUSE" issue for this website.

This system, looks for the total executions of last 30 days.


So, lets say you have shared hosting and put a limit of 500.000 executions / 30 days.

If a client has 490.000 executions, then the system (via cron job) opens a "Warning abuse issue".

If next day, this limit goes higher than 500.000, then the "warning abuse' becomes "Open Issue'.

In case client takes actions to lower the cpu executions, next day cron job, automaticly, closes the issue as "resolved".


This is very usefull if you sell different hosting level packages.

For example, you can set for shared hosting an execution limit at: 500.000 / 30 days.

The email template that will be sent to the abuse, may notify him that if he doesnt solve the issue in certain period of time, then he should consider to upgrade to a higher level of hosting, for example "semi-dedicated hosting".


In semi-dedicated hosting, the admin should put a limit for: 1.000.000 executions / 30 days, then have a different email template for abusers of this limit e.t.c. e.tc.


Sorry for my poor english. Let me know if you have any questions or feature requests about the addon.







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