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  1. Hello, how can we set a 2nd level tax to be applied only in specific products? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Advanced Server Status is an addon that is based on the default whmcs server status page in the client area. The addon is fully customisable. You can enter custom server groups, choose which ports you want to be monitored in each group, also shows the % uptime of each server etc. The features of the addon are: Advanced Server Status V.1.0 * Automated refresh of page, every x seconds (you can choose this via admin panel). * You can create unlimited custom groups of servers that you want to monitor (for example: cpanel servers, plesk servers, streaming servers etc). * You can choose which servers you want to add in each group. * You can choose which ports you want to be monitored in each group. * You can add unlimited new ports to be monitored, in each different group of servers. * There are 3 signs, green (for services that are online), grey (for services that are not monitored in a specific group), red (for services that currently have a downtime). * (%) Percentage of uptime is added, so as you can show to your clients the real % of each server. * Cron job in order old records of database to be deleted, so as to avoid huge amount of records in your database. * Easy install and setup in minutes * User friendly interface in admin area.
  3. Hello Cavallo, in windows servers, server load isnt provided. Kind regards, Nikos
  4. Hello, the product has been updated for Whmcs 6x.
  5. Hello Hostxido, seems like we are almost done. I believe tommorow it will be published with compatibility with 6.x. I ll report here on this thread when it will be published. Thank you for your patience, Nikos
  6. Hello, no, the product has not been updated to whmcs 6x yet, due to very low interesting on this product by the whmcs community. So we focused our development on other whmcs products like abuse center e.t.c. Anyway, since I do understand that it is absolutely necessary to update it, I guarantee that our dev team will make it whmcs 6x compatible, during the next 5-7 business days. Thanks for your message, Nikos
  7. An update has been released today. The update fixes a few minor issues. New feature added: Email notifications for admins when any port on any server doesnt respond. New Product Page: Advanced Server Status
  8. The addon improves the functionality of contacts by giving the ability to the admin to enter custom fields to contacts. This could be useful for various reasons. For example, at our company, we use Advanced-Contacts addon in order to enter billing-invoicing info at the contacts, which by default, its not possible. Furtermore, you can assign products and domains to contacts in order to have a better organized info, which is very useful especially with clients that have a lot of contacts. Optionaly, you can give your clients the ability to edit their contacts and associate products and domains to them. Note: the addon doesnt affect the invoicing, meaning that the invoice is still created for main client. Mainly, this addon was created by our development team, for the needs of our company's accounts department but at the end, we decided to take it publicly and any feature requests are more than welcome, so as the addon becomes more and more... advanced! More info and purchase: multihosting.com
  9. Hello, sorry I didnt check earlier this thread. The addon is not yet updated for Whmcs 6.0 We are these days in the process of updating all our addons to latest version. I ll post back as soon as it is ready for 6.x Best regards, Nikos
  10. Hello, here is the link: http://www.multihosting.com/other-services/web-applications/whmcs-advanced-server-status.html - - - Updated - - - Hello Crescent, no, the product has not been updated for Whmcs V6, yet. I believe it will be tested and updated during next week. I ll post back here in this thread when the update is completed.
  11. Abuse Center is an addon that is necessary for any web hosting company that wants to have a well organised system for client's abuses. There are 2 versions of the addon: Basic & Plus (example of plus version is screenshot: abuse-center-6). Basic Version. The admin creates unlimited abuse types, for example, phising site, hacked site, server abuse e.t.c. The admin creates the abuse issue for the client, manually. The statuses of the abuse issue are: open issue, resolved, unresolved. The admin decides when creating an abuse issue, if he will notify via email the client about it. There are various strategies here: for example, a web hosting company wants only to have a very organized list of abuses, so the system is used only for internal use between the admins. The admins will be able to search for abuses via inteligence search, or see in a client product all active abuses of this spesific client or also have a short or full list of all abuses in all clients. The second strategy is to apply the "abuce center" in the frontend client area. This way, the client, after notified by email, will be able to go in his client area and check active abuses and abuses history. NOTE: This is not a ticket system, so the client is not able to answer in the abuse system. Our research while developing the addon showed us that if we let the client answer in the abuse system, then this would make it confusing for the client with the default ticket system. It would be like there are 2 ticket systems, which is defenetily not the point of this addon. Also: the admin is able to define which email account will be used for each abuse type. For example, content abuse issues, could be sent via: abuse@mywebhosting.com and server resources abuse issues could be sent via: server-monitoring@mywebhosting.com All email templates, for each abuse type you create, can be predefined and ready for future use. When the client take spesific actions to solve the issue, he informes the admins. Then the admins can update the issue and/or close the issue as resolved. Further than the mannual abuse types and issues, we have also added, for Cpanel Server only, a MySql size abuse type. This works 100% automaticly. The admin chooses the servers to be monitored and also for each hosting product, the spesific limit of mysql size. When an account of a clients, hits the limits, the abuse issue is opened automaticly, the report is sent to client. With the use of a cron job, if client takes actions to lower the Mysql size, then the abuse issue, is closed automaticly (Resolved) without the need of an admin manual action. Abuse Center Plus Version. This version was made for the needs of our company, but we decided to take it publicly. The important point here is that this version uses the 1h.com HIVE product, for server monitoring and optimization. In other words, think of this version, ONLY if you use 1h hive. What this version does is that it monitors the CPU executions of each website of each client. The admins can put limits of cpu executions for each product and server. If the client catches the limit, then automaticly, the system creates a "CPU EXECUTIONS ABUSE" issue for this website. This system, looks for the total executions of last 30 days. So, lets say you have shared hosting and put a limit of 500.000 executions / 30 days. If a client has 490.000 executions, then the system (via cron job) opens a "Warning abuse issue". If next day, this limit goes higher than 500.000, then the "warning abuse' becomes "Open Issue'. In case client takes actions to lower the cpu executions, next day cron job, automaticly, closes the issue as "resolved". This is very usefull if you sell different hosting level packages. For example, you can set for shared hosting an execution limit at: 500.000 / 30 days. The email template that will be sent to the abuse, may notify him that if he doesnt solve the issue in certain period of time, then he should consider to upgrade to a higher level of hosting, for example "semi-dedicated hosting". In semi-dedicated hosting, the admin should put a limit for: 1.000.000 executions / 30 days, then have a different email template for abusers of this limit e.t.c. e.tc. Sorry for my poor english. Let me know if you have any questions or feature requests about the addon.
  12. I d like to ask the below: is there a way that we set the automated system of suspension to be different for each product? For example, we d like to have a policy of shared hosting suspension in 7 days overdue and suspension on vps in 1 day-overdue. Thanks in advance for any help
  13. Thank you John for the link. I hadnt noticed that.
  14. Hello, I d like to ask the below: 1. is there a way to have custom fields in contacts and not only on the main profile of the client? 2. in the order process, we can create a contact for the domain owner. After the order, where/how can we check in whmcs admin area, which contact is the owner of the domain? 3. How can we handle the scenario, where our client, orders a product on behalf of a third person? How can we have in this scenario, the "third person" to be invoiced directly? Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Hello, a minor update (V1.2) has been released today. This update fixes a bug in cron job, where in some scenarios, the logs were not deleted.
  16. Today we released a new update, which fixes a minor bug in Uptime cron job. Also added: 1. Checkbox in admin panel so as the admin can choose if the Server Status will be visible public or only for clients. 2. Ability for the admin to choose the time (in seconds) that the script will timeout, when checking the servers ports for uptime/downtime. We hope you enjoy the new additions and fixes! PS. Any feedback or feature requests will be very welcome since there is an active and continuous development of the addon.
  17. We made some minor updates & fixes in the 1st version. Also, there is now a demo where you can have a look at the frontend. https://www.multihosting.com/support/advanced_serverstatus.php You ll see the custom groups, also the "per group" or "per server" checks of ports.
  18. In Multihosting.gr, we have created, for the needs of our companies, an addon for whmcs payments via credit card, for the greek bank Piraeus. Lately, we have desided to release it for sale, for anyone interested. The Addon is 100% compatible with the new system released by Piraeus Bank. The client, when choosing (in whmcs) payment via credit card, is redirected to the safe enviroment of the bank. After the transaction is completed, he is redirected to your website. The addon is useful, probably for greek web hosting companies that use whmcs + piraeus bank and are forced to update to the new conditions of the API of the bank, due to the end of their old system, at 30 June 2011. Pricing information: 65 euros + 23% VAT Updates+ and support: free for ever.
  19. I ve created the API in my paypal account and then set in whmcs in payment gateways all the apropriate infromation about PayPal Website Payments Pro (signature, username, pass) I try to make some orders in order to test the system, but it doesnt work. It just leads me back to the client area -credit card details page. Is there something I m missing here? What could be wrong? Also, what are in credit card details the "issue number" and the "Start date" option? Shouldnt someone be able to buy by only inserting CCV, end date and credit card number? If so, how can i remove these options, in order to avoid confusing clients? thanks in advance for any answer/
  20. nikos

    Server Uptime Report

    laszlof, i see its an old thread, but i m wondering if you are around, can we have your addon added in the same page with default servers status of whmcs?
  21. i ve changed pdf to tcpdf-utf-8 and all questionmarks ?????? are now gone and i can read the pdf language fine. Only thing that looks "Chinese" to me, is the below characters infront of the price €30.18 Probably this is the symbol for euro which for some reason looks so odd? Thanks in advance for any help.
  22. I just noticed that the euro symbol above in post, looks fine, but in pdf look "wierd".
  23. nikos

    Knowledgebase category order

    Thank you for your answer rmccny. Hope this is somehow fixed in a next release.
  24. Seems that i cannot find a way to sort the category order. Thanks in advance for any help.

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