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Lost my products list and unable to create new products

Dan L.

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I'm pretty new to whmcs. I had it configured with 2 products listed. When I had trouble with an unrelated issue I needed to reinstall my whmcs database (good thing I get backups emailed to me daily). I thought the reinstall of my db went smoothly. All my settings transferred properly, but my products have disappeared. Not only have my products disappeared, I am unable to create a new product or product group!


If anyone has a clue on what the issue might be, please advise. I'd appreciate any help.



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What's in your tblproducts table ?


Again, I'm pretty new to this stuff. So, I went into my Cpanel > phpMyAdmin. Then when I click on my DB it shows all the tables/files contained within. I'm afraid that I do not have a tblproducts table in the list!!


Please advise on what I can do to remedy this. Thanks!

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I came to the realization that this problem goes beyond my products list. I'm also unable to schedule to-do list items, create quotes, and not sure what else.

I just tried importing my db backup from Jan. 1st, long before I had any issues. Here's the error I received:


SQL query:


CREATE TABLE `mod_onlinenic` (


`domain` varchar(255) NOT NULL,

`lockstatus` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',


KEY `domainid` (`domain`)



MySQL said: Documentation

#1050 - Table 'mod_onlinenic' already exists

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Okay stop. I need to update this. I've learned quite a bit over the past couple of hours. I created a test database and successfully imported my whmcs backup db. This allowed me to compare against my live database, where I found that a slew of tables did not migrate. So, on my live db, I deleted all of the existing whmcs tables/files, then re-imported my backup. This time it worked!


Thank you OthelloTech. Your simple reply/question about the tblproducts table was a good tip that helped nudge me down the right path. :-D

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