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Where in the database can I find what Users have what Product Configurable Options


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Hi guys,


Where in the database is the information as to what users have taken which Product Configurable Options? I know there is an API call to get this information, but I am doing a cross database join with another system, so need to go in via MySQL.


Any help at all would be much appreciated.

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SELECT t2.fieldname, t1.value, t3.userid, t3.id AS productid FROM tblcustomfieldsvalues AS t1 LEFT JOIN tblcustomfields AS t2 ON t1.fieldid = t2.id LEFT JOIN tblhosting AS t3 ON t1.relid = t3.id


But since it's not clear to me what are your WHERE conditions, you should explain it more in details.

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Hi Kian,


First of all thank you for your reply. A bit of help is greatly appreciated in this instance.


I am taking in all users on a particular billing cycle. Let say its


tblclients AS clients 
tblhosting AS hosting 
clients.id = hosting.userid 
hosting.billingcycle = "Premium Account"


In the real query a great many more tables are joined, based on "clients.id", but this example should give you an idea of where I am going with this.


I would like to apply a second join to the query above, that indicates which of the Product Configurable Options, this client has opted for. I'd love if that was in a column-by-column format, but I'm not to bothered with formatting so long as the extra information is there.


- - - Updated - - -


By the way. Your example seems to use a different table. I am talking about the ones in "tblproductconfigoptions", and how those apply to clients.

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