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Setup WHMCS on Server that Will Host Accounts


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I'm just getting started in the hosting business. I've been a web developer for the last 7+ years and decided I could help my clients by becoming a one stop shop for domains, web hosting, and web development.


Anyway, i've got a Hostgator mid-level VPS setup and i'm almost ready to open up shop. I've got WHMCS and my server all setup and ready to take new accounts, or so i thought. I started testing new orders and when i went to accept the new order and create the new account i got the error "Error: (Curl Error) Failed to connect to 192.xxx.xxx.xx port 2087: Connection timed out - code: 7".


Hostgator advised that rather than use the server external IP address, i needed to use localhost for the IP for my server configuration in WHMCS. That solved the issue and I was able to accept the order, the account was setup properly on the server, etc. When i checked the welcome email and my test account's listed IP, it's listed as I assume that's going to be a problem... Hostgator won't respond to my multiple updates on the ticket (shocker, right?).


Can someone help me get this resolved so that the server's external IP is used and i'm able to connect to my server via WHMCS to create the account? It can't be that difficult since people run WHMCS on the same server that host their accounts all the time (reseller hosting plans...). I feel like i'm missing a simple setting somewhere.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Probably the problem is that you have not yet assigned your VPS to a server group.


Try going to Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers (add your VPS if not already done) and create a server group (e.g. Hosting). When creating the server group add your hosting server to the group (select the server and click Add >> and it will be added.)


Also make sure that your hosting products are setup on your server group.


Hopefully it helped!

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