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Introducing the DDSlideCaptcha. (Durango Daves Slide Captcha) With all of the spamming accounts being created out there i thought this would be a great time to re-introduce an old favorite.


The slidecaptcha is nothing new as a matter of fact you can get the basic slider for free from jquery right here http://jqueryui.com/slider/ if you want to do the work yourself. I am not charging for the jquery, im charging for my time it took to do this project and to integrate this into WHMCS.


Alittle history: The original slidecaptcha was defeated rather quickly as with most things. The original slidecaptcha which is still available (we even use it here https://www.durangodaves.com/contact-us) in conjunction with our own question captcha. However the idea behind it was that you could not use the submit button unless you unlocked it. Well it did not take long before someone had a script to bypass it.


Think about it, there was no thought or reasoning involved, you just had to get the slider from the left to the right, thats it. And that was its downfall. I mainly leave that old one up there for reference. I do use our new one on our registration page for the hosting.


And speaking of that, it is very much improved over the original version. It takes thought(reasoning), and human intervention to make it work. So it is pretty nice and it will shut down the spammers.


It is easy to integrate and works very well, and its easy to config. You have two question types, math and text, and its easy to change between them.


The cost is $8.00 as i am hoping for some volume sales to retrieve my time expendature.


I will have a video up soon im working on it right now and i will also have it on the auto download section later tonight.


it also comes with 24 jquery themes for the slider.


Here are some teaser snapshots....




ill be back in a bit to get you the video and also post the addon page link ...



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This has amazing possibilities. We just also added a keyword display which displays a keyword on the page they they have to match with the slider, if the keyword is left blank then it will not display anything and you can use a normal question.


Future possibilities(if there is interest) include having them read a small paragraph of a story and ask them a question in the story. Match keyword and the page and image subject with slider. Just image matching, show them an image and have them choose the most closely related subject on the slider. The combinations are endless..


Also if this shows interest we will also make this a full fledge module so that all your config is via the admin panel instead of in the file.

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Since our informative updates to our modules seems to be too frequent for the forum here. Beginning immediately, we will only be offering support for our products via our own company forum. Meaning we will not be replying to any requests here on this post. Post your question here at your own risk.


You can find excellent support for all of our products on our support forum. If a product is not listed you may post a question in the WHMCS forum section or general section. We want to be able to offer you as much information as possible and as freqently as possibleregarding our modules, without any hassle. So please register and ask your questions here at this link https://www.durangodaves.com/forum/index.php


Thanks for your time and faithful business.



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